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UK Tournaments June-July 2018

Hi everyone, Michael here with a list of some of the upcoming tournaments occurring in the UK in the next couple of months.

There are a number of events occuring all over the country in the summer of 2018. Check out the links below to find out about the great events in your area.

June 2018

Double Trouble 3 (Stockport)

Master of War (Newcastle)

Warmaster 2 BattleUX Summer Tournament (Uxbridge)

Battlefield Birmingham Doubles Tournament (Birmingham)

Cry Havoc (Dunfermline)

Ironhammer, an Old School 40k Event (Lanark)

Summer Skirmish 2018 (Stockport)

Victrix Station (Reading)

40k Tournament (Essex)

40k Tournament (Bromley)

Warhammer 40,000 Match Play (Sutton-In-Ashfield)

Forge 26 (Halifax)


July 2018

Caledonian Revolution 2018 (Stockport)

The North West Open 2018 (Southport)

War in the Rift (Stafford)

Summer Tides (Bristol)

A New Dawn (Preston)

40k Tournament (Liverpool)

The Evolution of War 2 (Telford)

Archeron All Out War (Kingston Upon Hull)


If you want to keep up to date with the events occurring in the UK, check out and follow the UK 40k tournaments blog. You can also check out the Tournament Map link. This is a great way to see what events are occurring in your local area.

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