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Adepta Sororitas – The Girls are back in Town!!

Hi guys, its that time of week again. Today we take a first look at the new Beta codex for Adepta Sororitas and see what the sisters now bring to the table. We’ll take a look at units which are good and others which are not so good, alongside some nice Relics, Stratagems and Warlord Traits. So enough blabbing, let’s get to it…..

Celestine – Celestine has dropped in points to 160, which sounds amazing at first glance. However, if you take a look at her rules now she can no longer take her Geminae Superia in a unit with her, they have to be in a separate unit, to a good player this is off putting because when you had the 3 models in a unit they could wrap models in the assault phase and remain locked in combat. She has also lost a wound and also her biggest ability, SUPER DUPER MOVE!! That’s right guys, she can’t move twice anymore, at most she can add 3” to her move characteristic. This sucks, but in a pure sisters army there may yet be a place for her, I think her main role will be to give vehicles a 5++ save from Shield of Faith and also pick off small scoring units. As well as being generally annoying to kill.

Battle Sisters – I think a Battle Sisters unit is a very very good troops choice now. For the cheap price of 51 points you can now get 3 Storm Bolters in the unit aswell as 2 Boltguns making for 16 strength 4 shots at short range which is awesome for how many points they are. Depending on how big your squads are you may also wish to take a Simulacrum Imperialis to increase your chances of passing Test of Faith rolls.

Dominions in Immolators – These are probably my favourite units in the whole codex. For the amazing price of 160 points you can get 5 Dominions armed with Storm Bolters and an Immolator with an Immolation Flamer and Storm bolter. This means in a 12” range you will hit your opponent with 24 Storm Bolter shots along with 2D6  Immolation Flamer shots which is a lot of Dakka. Also it’s great because these girls don’t struggle very often to actually get into 12” range as they have the Vanguard special rule which allows them or the vehicle they are embarked in to move as if it were the movement phase before the first turn. Meaning if you get to go first you could advance up to 18” before your turn and then disembark and move the Dominions forward and move the Immolator forward again then unleash fury on your foes!! If I was running sisters I would definitely be taking 3 units of these girls.

Seraphim – Pissed off Mani! I am really disappointed now that the double move for sisters is gone and it hurts this unit the most in my opinion. I used to love seraphim jumping over 24” and then slapping characters or vehicles in the face with Inferno Pistols, now that’s no longer an option it kind of benches these guys on the competitive scene for me. What do you guys think?

Arco-Flagellants – Man on paper these guys rule!! You take a Priest and then some Arco-Flagellants and its CLOBBERING TIME!! They will strike with 3D3 attacks each in close combat hitting on 3’s with re-rolls from Zealot at Strength 5, AP-1, Damage 1. These guys will put the hurt on vehicles nicely and will slap the crap out of a horde unit for you. However the armour on these guys is paper thin meaning you will need some transports. I would recommend taking 1 to 2 units of Flagellants in Rhinos to make the most of the combat ability you can have.

Now let’s have a look at some of the Orders and their Convictions:

Daughters of the Emperor – This is the Conviction for the Ebon Chalice Order and is probably one of the best 2 in my opinion. It allows you to add 1 to the result of Tests of Faith made for units with this Order. Ace because you want to take full advantage of all your amazing Acts of Faith to maximise your damage potential.

Quick to Anger – The Bloody Rose Conviction is an awesome one which allows you to add 1 to the strength and attacks characteristics of models in any turn in which they made a charge move, was charged, or performed a Heroic Intervention. Great because once again if you take a Priest  your infantry will get 3 attacks each at strength 4 which is brilliant considering they weren’t made for the assault phase.

The other Convictions are decent but nothing special really I reckon. Feel free to check through them and hit me up if you find a nice combo in there. But let’s look forward at what’s going down with the new Acts of Faith and Stratagems.

Acts of Faith – Now these are pretty damn cool! In my opinion the 2 best ones are The Passion which allows a unit to fight twice in the Fight Phase, and Divine Guidance which adds 1 to hit rolls for a units ranged weapons. So be sure to try and get as many Faith Points crammed into your army as possible because you will 100% want to make the most of these abilities.  

Vessel of the Emperor’s Will – Brilliant Stratagem! This stratagem costs 3 command points but rightly so, it allows an Act of Faith which is successfully passed by a character to work on all friendly Adepta Sororitas units within 6” of that character. This is absolutely amazing as it means all units within 6” of a character could fight twice in the Fight phase, or all add 1 to hit rolls in the shooting phase or even all add 3” to their move in the movement phase. This could reach your whole army if placed correctly, and could make the whole army devastatingly good! Love it!!

Extremis Trigger Word – I love this guys! It means when your Arco-Flagellants fight they make 3 hit rolls per attack instead of D3 hit rolls, which is great as when combined with the Priest as we mentioned earlier each Flagellant will get 9 attacks which is going to mess up a lot of peoples shit! Wahoo!

Blessed Bolts – Another awesome stratagem here which will help amazingly against elite units such as Aggressors and Shining Spears. So a unit of Dominions firing 20 Storm Bolter shots will have AP-2 and Damage 2 for the shooting phase, and with Acts of Faith you can make them hit on 2’s. This would mean that every single unsaved wound will kill a 2 wound elite model which just gives sisters more options.

Purity of Faith – This was a stratagem that the sisters already had before the Beta rules and is great. It shuts down a successfully cast enemy power within 24” of an Adepta Sororitas unit on the roll of a 4+. Gives sisters some anti-psychic ability which can change an entire game against certain armies for example if you shut down Quicken against an Eldar army or Warptime against a Chaos army it can force your opponent to have to rethink their whole plan and throw them off their game.

Warlord Traits are up next and it’s very short lol. I just want to talk about 1 Trait because I believe it’s by far the best one when used right.

Indomitable Belief – All Order units within 6” of your warlord get a 5++ invulnerable save from Shield of Faith which is awesome because it’s basically for free. This will work best when coupled with Celestine because that would increase the Shield of Faith save to a 4++ for all units within 6” of both characters. This includes Immolators which is amazing, they will be so much more survivable and can more effectively ensure your troops get to where they need to.

Finally we have the Relics of the Ecclesiarchy, now there are some really cool ones here, man the further we go through this the more and more I want to play with a sisters army lmao!! Here we go…..

Blade of Admonition – This was the relic that sisters had before the Beta rules and it’s very good, makes a Canoness have 4 attacks at Strength 5, AP-3, Damage 3. Now that’s INSANE for a 49 point character!

Book of St. Lucius – This relic increases the range of the bearer’s aura abilities by 3”. If you put this on your Warlord and make it a Canoness with the Indomitable Belief Trait you would have an invulnerable save buff bubble of 9” and also a 9” bubble of re-rolling 1’s. How good is that. 

Litanies of Faith – Probably the best relic in the book it gives you a chance of regening some Faith points which is great as they help you pull off some great stunts. Each time a Test of Faith is passed on an Adepta Sororitas unit within 6” of the bearer you get to roll a dice. On a 5+ the Faith point is immediately refunded. This is a must take for any competitive sisters player in my opinion.

If I’m being honest I would use the Open the Reliquaries stratagem and take all 3 of these awesome relics if I was playing sisters. Try to take 2 battalions so you have enough command points to do it and do it!! Go all in guys!!

So there you have it, my thoughts on the new Beta Adepta Sororitas codex and what’s good. I hope you’ve enjoyed the article and watch out for the next one same time next week.

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Love you all, you beautiful readers


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