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St Georges Champion – Round 2 Chaos vs Imperial Soup

Hello and welcome to round 2 of the St Georges Champion!

This is the second game where we see two different styles of soup fight vs each other!

Both players are representatives of Team England ETC Nathan Roberts the coach whips Mike Porter into shape! Lets check out the lists!

First up is Nathan!

Player: Nathan Roberts.

Army factions: Chaos daemons, Adeptus Hereticus, Thousand sons.

Command points: 13.

[TOTAL: 1981pts]

[Reinforcement points: 19pts]

Choas Daemon battalion:

HQ1: Change caster (65) [65pts]

(Powers: flickering flames, gaze of fate)

HQ2: Change caster (65) [65pts]

(Powers: flickering flames, boon of change)

Troops1: 30 pink horrors (210), instrument of chaos (10) [220pts]

Troops2: 10 brimstone horrors (30) [30pts]

Troops3: 10 brimstone horrors (30) [30pts]

Elites1: 9 flamers of tzeentch (225) [225pts]

Elites2: 9 flamers of tzeentch (225) [225pts]

Elites3: 9 flamers of tzeentch (225) [225pts]

Thousand sons Battalion:

HQ3: Ahriman on disk (166) [166pts]

(Powers: prescience, death hex, warptime)

HQ4: Tzeentch Daemon Prince with wings (170), 2 sets of malefic talons (10) [180pts]

(Powers: glamour of tzeentch, Weaver of fates)

Troops4: 30 Tzaangors (210), brayhorn (10) [220]

Troops5: 10 cultists of tzeentch (50) [50pts]

Troops6: 10 cultists of tzeentch (50) [50pts]

Flawless Host patrol:

HQ5: Daemon Prince with wings (170), 2 sets of malefic talons (10), mark of slannesh (0) [180pts]

(Powers: Diabolic strength)

(Warlord: ultimate confidence)

(Relic: intoxicating elixir)

Troops7: 10 cultists (slannesh) (50) [50pts]


Mike Porter Glasshammer List

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