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Top 5 Winners and Losers of the Big FAQ 3!!

Hi guys your very own Mani here to give you the low down on the biggest buffs and nerfs that have come as a result of the new Big FAQ 3!!Enjoy!!Eldar Soup! Well this is probably the one that we are most happy about, we all wanted to see those bloody space elves being slapped by Games Workshop. However this comes in at number 5 just because pure Eldar have not really changed and are still incredibly powerful so it’s not a nerf to Eldar as such. The people this FAQ hits is those guys that we all know, who rock up with a Dark Eldar or Harlequin army that has got 1 Warlock with Jinx and 1 Farseer with Doom in there. Now Doom and Jinx only affect units that are from the Eldar book, so no more Ravagers or Talos with rerolls to wound that are also making your saving throw one worse then it already is!!

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