The Ossiarch Bonereapers are one of Warhammer Age of Sigmar’s largest army releases ever and you can now pre-order all of them!

Orpheon Katakros, a military genius, consummate commander, and immortal demigod of war, he coordinates and bolsters the Ossiarch legions even as his trusted retainers relay information to him and distribute their master’s edicts.

Even the standard Ossiarch Bonereapers are stunning.

Where the Mortek Guard are indomitable, the Kavalos Deathriders are fast. These are the vanguard of your army, capable of ranging ahead of your main force and carving bloody furrows through your enemy’s lines. Customisable with different heads, choices of weapons and a variety of interchangeable components, they can even be used as your battleline units in a matched play army.

Da Red Gobbo Rises Again!

You just can’t keep a good rebel down… though this may be due to the fact that the title of Da Red Gobbo has secretly changed hands many times. The current figure has taken the usual formula of instigation and rabble-rousing and added gift-giving and holiday cheer to the mix. This madcap mascot is ready to lead a Christmas Revolushun right here, right now!

All the new Games Workshop goodies are available in the Glasshammer Webstore now.

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