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New GW Releases ๐Ÿ’ฅ The Lumineth Realm-lords land!

First up, Teclis is here at last! Teased months ago, the greatest wizard the Mortal Realms has ever seen is ready to shake things up.

This epic model will be accompanied by the first of a couple of waves of Lumineth Realm-lords releases. Models previously only available in the Launch Set โ€“ The Light of Eltharion, Vanari Wardens, and Vanari Sentinels โ€“ will be available separately, perfect for reinforcing those Vanari phalanxes.

The Scinari Cathallar, meanwhile, is a vital support wizard AND a cracking project for any painter to try their hand at.

For those looking for the rules and lore for their Lumineth, the battletome will bring you all of that and will be available in ePub and hardback editions.

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