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New GW Releases ? Giant Giants & Robot Zombies

This week brings a MASSIVE set of releases. Mega monsters are preparing to invade the Mortal Realms and more Necron units shake off the dust and join the fray.


The Sons of Behemat are the biggest thing to hit the Mortal Realms in quite some time. Introducing one of the largest monster kits ever made for Warhammer Age of Sigmar – the Mega-Gargant. The box can make any one of three distinct types of Mega-Gargant, like the mighty Warstomper, above, or the Kraken-eater and Gatebreaker below.


The deadliest duellists in the 41st Millennium are about to make their presence felt. Hexmark Destroyers wield no fewer than six devastating enmitic disintegrator pistols, and their mechanical accuracy will leave their enemies with nowhere to hide. Also on deck are the creepy, tri-legged Skorpekh Destroyers and the versatile Necron Warriors.


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