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New GW Releases 💥 Space Wolves & Deathwatch, Brothers in Arms

Need some aliens hunted? Time to call the Deathwatch, of course! Their new codex supplement is the ultimate book for anyone interested in the Deathwatch in the Era Indomitus. It includes a detailed background section and Chapter-specific rules that build on those in Codex Space Marines so that you can field this Chapter on the tabletop.

The fierce warriors of Fenris will also receive a new codex supplement. Along with the sagas of the legendary Chapter, Codex Supplement: Space Wolves includes datasheets for fielding their many unique units in games and specific Crusade rules. If you want to unleash the most savage Chapter of Space Marines upon the 41st Millennium, you’ll need this mighty tome.

Pretty epic, huh? And there’s more. Here’s everything up for pre-order right now on the Glasshammer Webstore…

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