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Behind The Scenes

This week we have been extra busy at the Glasshouse, renovating and rearranging the entire store for when all you lovely people are allowed back in next month. Let’s have a look what’s been going on!!


The first job was the most important, moving our beloved bar from the back of the store to the balcony area at the front of the store. Dan on his knees

in front of Mani is an all to familiar scene isn’t it  😉


Although moving the bar was the most important job, the hardest job was definitely getting the absolutely huge fridge through the door. It definitely

didn’t  help that the fridge was ridiculously heavy and didn’t fit through the door unless it was hoisted through on its side. Also look at Dan doing all the

hard work like a hero and Mani just standing around doing nothing as usual.


The store is starting to look real good now everyone. A lot more spacious with a load more racking to store even more product then we already had.

Each section of the store is now really well organised so customers can find all products they require with a lot more ease.


Dan and Dawid super excited filming a battle report, we can see they are playing Space Wolves featuring Bjorn

against the Necrons who will be bringing a Monolith to the table.


VRROM VROOM BABY!! The Speed Waaaggh is a go, Simon has been busy building and starting to paint his full Ork buggy list which sounds super fun

and looks really cool, can’t wait to see that on the table.


God help us all!! Mani has gone horde crazy at the minute, as you know he’s recently just finished 200 Orks and has built 90 Daemonettes. Well now he’s

just continuing with the theme and has decided to build up 180 Termagants for our Tyranid army!!


That’s what we’re all up to this week at the Glasshouse, what are all of you working on?

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  1. Looking great lads. Can’t wait to see it in person. Slow progress my end. Few side projects have slowed my marines army but I’ll be back on it by weekend. RC

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