We’ve been busy this week as always, let’s have a look at what the teams been up to:

The Trade-In Centre was absolutely flooded with an intake of figures from multiple game systems and Dan and Mani have spent ages putting them up on our eBay store. They have been sorted into “like item” lots so if you’re after some cool stuff at great prices, whether it be whole armies or additions to current forces then check out our eBay store.


Oh yea!! That’s what it’s all about, the new Glasshammer Dice have arrived and they look awesome. They will be used in all battle reports and live streamed games going forwards, but do not fear we ordered a tonne of each colour so once they have been blessed by Mani they will be available to buy on the website and also in store.


Talking of dice, the new Drukhari ones were extremely popular and just flew out the door last week but we’ve just managed to get another batch in. That means if you missed out last week then you should head over to the store now and get yours!!


Then the most exciting thing of the week happened, our Drukhari army came in fully painted by our good friend Tim and would you believe it arrived just as Dawid finished painting all of Mani’s Death Guard Terminators. That’s too much of a coincidence and we just had to pit the 2 armies against each other in this week’s battle report. Don’t forget to watch this epic clash this Friday evening at 7pm BST.


We have Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Deathwatch armies but we do not have a generic Space Marines force painted up, but now that Dawid is done with Mani’s Death Guard Terminators he has made a start on the Marines choosing to go with the Glasshammer colours (Grey & Orange).


There are Termagants absolutely everywhere now. After building over 100 of them last week Mani is now building 80 more while doing other jobs, as you can see he is  at his computer and is building models while waiting for different pictures to upload.


Look at this, editting this week’s battle report? I THINK NOT!! Sitting there with his McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets and Fries listening to a group playing D&D. This is what really takes place behind the scenes when the cameras aren’t rolling :’)


Last but definitely not least, in fact it’s probable going to be the biggest job of all. Downstairs turned into a storage of things we did not immediately need during the lockdown and therefore looks a tiny bit messy, but now with the store and and gaming floor about to re-open in the near future we come to the task of making this look presentable again, definitely not looking forward to this job.

So that’s what the team has been up to this past week, what have you all been doing?

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