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Behind The Scenes

Welcome to a new week at the Glasshouse, let’s see what the teams been up to!!

First of all a great piece of content has been produced by Dawid and Mani just today. They recorded a battle report between a Castellan with his Guard allies and Mortarion with his Daemon allies because Dawid thinks his Castellan is king and Mani said “Well let’s have it out then!”


The new release shelves are absolutely stacked because Dan managed to get his hands on a hell of a lot of each new box that came out this past week, if you want to add to your Age of Sigmar collections the new broken realms boxes will make awesome additions.


That’s not all that came in people, we also have a lot of the new Lumineth release because the models just look super cool. If you’re looking for Lumineth then you have come to the right place, head over to the store and grab them while they last, I hear their rules are savage and they are selling quick.


Simon has been making an effort to make the store look a bit cooler by displaying some of the better looking models we have in some glass cabinets around the shop, of course he decided to start with his Imperial Knights as you can imagine. I mean, they do look pretty damn cool you have to admit.


Jason has cashed in 100,000 of his Glasshammer Channel Points from Twitch and decided it would be funny to see Dawid play Dan’s Necrons against him on this week’s Thursday Night Fight. Dawid is going to be using a Triple C’tan army against Dan’s very cool army of Armiger class Imperial Knights being lead by Bjorn and Murderfang!! To watch this epic battle tune in this Thursday on Twitch at 7pm BST people.


Meanwhile Dan has been sat in the back room working very hard on a floor plan of the Glasshouse because it is a requirement that needs to be fulfilled in the application process of our license. As you can tell by his lovely expressions in this photo right here, he is very much a man on the edge, like the very very edge :’)


AAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNDDDDDDDD of course no Behind The Scenes would ever be complete without a glimpse of this gorgeous man engorging himself with some sort of food, I mean its basically become a tradition to catch him in the act now.

That’s what the team here have been up to, what are you guys doing this week!?

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