Let’s have a look at the goings on in the Glasshouse this week


Some great news to start off with, Mani is going to the Gibraltar GT with other awesome content creators such as Lawrence Baker and Stephen Box. Keep a track of how he gets on over on our Discord channel and on our Facebook page where he will be giving game by game updates!!


This next one is for all you Pokemon lovers out there!! The much awaited Chilling Reign release has arrived in store and we have a lot of boxes of them. They are available to order through our webstore and are selling very quickly according to my Phone Notifications!! Get them quick 🙂


Dawid and Mani recorded this weeks battle report and Mani managed to finally get a Stompa on the table and see what havoc he can wreak, the battle report will go up this Friday at 7pm BST!! Also Marc Doody also known as Metachao to all you Thursday Night Fight viewers, will be in tomorrow taking on Mani’s Stompa with his awesome Tau army. Don’t miss it man!!


Mani got asked by Realspace Raiders for some handy tips he would give to any Drukhari players after the nerf and this is what he came up with. If you are a Drukhari fan then check out their channel!! What the hell is he doing in this picture


Calling all lovers of the Astra Militarum, the new Gaunt’s Ghosts and Cadian Shock Troops arrived today and these are our last few boxes left. If you haven’t ordered yours yet, then I suggest you do it quickly before they are all gone!!


Look at these beauties!! Gareth has done an amazing job painting up almost 200 Termagants along with a bunch of characters and monsters that Mani chucked at him, and for that exact reason Mani got them on the very next battle report he could!! This is a picture of how they looked after deployment against Dawid’s Imperial Knights + Militarum army.


The fridge has been fully stocked in preparation for this Thursday and Friday where we’re expecting the place to be very busy, so if you haven’t booked your tables to come and play yet, I suggest you book ASAP and pray they haven’t all already been allocated!!

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