Let’s have a look at what’s been going on Behind the Scenes in the Glasshouse this week.

Dan & Mani have been recording an awesome battle report and this time Dan is using the Tyranids horde against Mani and his Space Pups!!


Mani is no longer limited by a rulespack with his Ad Mech army, he can take multiple forge worlds now and has decided to add some Mars to his list for the London Open this weekend!! He’s added Ironstrider Ballistarii, Sicarian Infiltrators and even some Skorpius Disintegrators that Dawid is currently painting up.


New releases for this week have arrived and among them are the new paint sets for the Age of Sigmar range. If you have just started the hobby with Age of Sigmar 3.0 or you have the miniatures from the new Dominion box and want them to look epic, these new paint sets will definitely help you along the way!!


Look at what’s finally made it’s way on to Dawid’s painting station!! Mani was rocking 6 units of wracks with liquifiers and our Battle Report Drukhari list hasn’t been up to scratch with the nerfs to the wrack units, so we’ve finally managed to get our hands on some new additions which will spice the list back up again. You can be sure they’ll be making an appearance on the channel very soon.


Need to take some professional photos of your stock, just roll out a spare piece of astro turf on an old wooden bench and you have yourself a professional photo shoot station LOL!! Well atleast that’s how we roll here in the Glasshouse.


One of our newest members of staff is starting to learn how to build models and what better way to start off, then by building some of the coolest models in the game. The new Beast Snaggas are being built and Mani is dying to use then as they are his first love in 40k. Orks iz da BEST!!


Dan in all his glory!! We call this one the Dankini!! What a horrible, horrible sight!! Someone please carve my eyes out.

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