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Thursday Night Fight – Space Wolves vs Necrons – Warhammer 40,000 Live Streamed Battle Report

Mission 12 – Scorched Earth

Army Rosters

Barry’s Space Wolves

Space Wolves Battalion Detachment
HQ: Chaplain – Canticle of Hate (Aura), The Wulfen Stone
HQ: Ragnar Blackmane – Warlord (Warrior Born)
TR: Blood Claws – 7 Blood Claws with Chainsword, Wolf Guard Pack Leader (Lightning Claw, Storm Shield)
TR: 5 Infiltrators – Helix gauntlet
TR: 5 Intercessors – Stalker Bolt Rifles
EL: Lukas the Trickster
EL: 5 Wolf Guard – 5 Jump Packs, 5 Storm Shields, 5 Lightning Claws
FA: Cyberwolf
FA: Cyberwolf
FA: 3 Thunderwolf Cavalry – 3 Storm Shields, 3 Thunder Hammers
DT: Drop Pod – Deathwind launcher

Successor Patrol Detachment (Master Artisans, Warded)
HQ: Captain in Gravis Armour – Chapter Master, Master of the Codex
HQ: Primaris Techmarine
TR: 5 Incursors – Haywire Mine
EL: Deredeo Dreadnought – Boreas Air Defence Missiles, Twin Heavy Bolter, Volkite Falconet Battery
EL: Redemptor Dreadnought – 2 Fragstorm Grenade Launchers, Icarus Rocket Pod, Macro Plasma Incinerator, Onslaught Gatling Cannon
HS: Whirlwind – Whirlwind Vengeance Launcher


Dan’s Necron Army

Supreme Command Detachment
LOW: Szarekh, The Silent King – Warlord

Novokh Vanguard Detachment
HQ: Cronomancer – Implacable Conqueror, Veil of Darkness
HQ: Anrakyr
TR: 18 Warriors
TR: 18 Warriors
EL: 2 Cryptothralls
EL: 2 Cryptothralls
EL: 9 Lychguard
EL: C’tan Shard of the Void Dragon
EL: 5 Skorpekh Destroyers

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