Oh baby!! As a massive Chaos fan I am well excited that the new codex has finally made it’s way into my grasp, and wow does Abaddon look like an absolute monster in this book!! In my opinion he is now like an absolute must take in every Chaos list going, here is a short article on my thoughts on Abaddon and why he is soo good!!

The first argument to field Abaddon is that he’s just an absolutely awesome miniature and looks badass when he’s painted and on the table. But now lets take a look at his awesome datasheet, I want to start off by saying I love absolutely everything about Abaddon and there is only 1 tiny thing which is disappointing. The slightly disappointing thing is that he only has a move characteristic of 6″ which seems a bit crazy for a model of his size, but I am still totally ok with it because GW have countered this small set back by giving Abaddon the Infantry keyword meaning he can walk through ruins and other buildings without being slowed down like other models his size. But everything else about him is great, he hits on 2’s with both Melee and Ranged attacks which is expected of a hero, he then is Strength and Toughness 6 with a 2+ save which is absolutely beast for an infantry model. He has a total of 9 wounds which is the perfect amount to still receive the benefits of the Look Out Sir rule allowing him to play a bit more freely then some other models his size.

So we just mentioned he is Toughness 6, has 9 Wounds and a Save characteristic of 2+, this in itself makes him pretty tough and hard to take down considering he has Look Out Sir benefits meaning you have to get in close to him to do the damage you need to. Now if we couple that with the fact that the second ability granted to him by his Mark of Chaos Ascendant rule means that when he fails his first save each turn, the damage characteristic of that attack is changed to 0. So not only is it hard to wound him and he has a great save, but when something finally gets through it means nothing and you have to try again. Then we save the best for last when it comes to his survivability, he has a 4++ invulnerable save granted by his Dark Destiny ability, which is pretty common for a lot of the main Characters in each faction to gain. But he also cannot lose any more then 3 wounds in the same phase, just like a C’tan and that is absolutely bonkers strong!! When I saw that I was so happy that I’m finally going to be able to get my Abaddon back on the table, but I also thought it was a little to strong considering he comes in at only 300 points, he is DEFINITELY worth every single one of those points, especially when you consider that any attack with a strength characteristic of either 6 or 12+ is also -1 to wound against him.

Now personally I would take a character in my army just based on how tough this guys is, but he also hits like an absolute truck in combat. Abaddon is armed with 2 weapons, 1 being his Daemon sword Drach’nyen and the other being the Talon of Horus. Drach’nyen grants him 8 attacks at Strength 10, with an ap of -4 and a damage characteristic of 3, and they also cause mortal wounds on wound rolls of a 6. This is a super strong profile considering it will rip through elite infantry which have 3 wounds each and also destroy monsters and vehicles with ease. The Talon of Horus on the other hand is strength 7, ap -4 and damage 1, which again allows Abaddon to tear through both elite and light infantry alike, but it also allows him to make 2 hit rolls for each attack meaning he gets 16 attacks with that weapon, MONSTROUS!! These stats alone on his datasheet mean that he hits like a train but when you take into account his Lord of the Traitor Legions ability then we realise he can grant himself full rerolls to both his hit and wound rolls is when we start to realise he might actually be a little bit too good for his points. As a chaos player I won’t be moaning about this but I wouldn’t be surprised if he went up 20/30 points in the next Balanced Dataslate or the Chaos FAQ.

With all these rules he’s gained it would be worth taking him, there is no question about that, but if you are a Chaos player and you are still on the fence about him, just consider the fact that he is a Supreme Commander so he can be taken in his own detachment and he has an ability where if he is chosen as your Warlord then he gains the Agent of Chaos keyword so the rest of your army does not lose any buffs for Abaddon being in your army, this is great because it means he can be added to a lot of lists which will create a variety in the meta and that’s always a fun thing. He also grants an aura of +1 to charge rolls and reroll 1’s to hit for all CHAOS CORE units within 6″ of himself making him the ultimate general for any chaos army. I will be using Abaddon in a Battle Report this week and that will be released on our YouTube channel next Friday so make sure you keep an eye out for that if you want to see Abaddon in action on the table.

So overall as you have probably gathered from this article, I absolutely love the new Abaddon Datasheet and am super happy that he now is as strong as he should have always been, FOR CHAOS!! But let me know what you think of Abaddon and his new rules in the comments below, I am interested to see if everyone is as excited as me or not!? Peace out, Mani!!

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