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Behind The Scenes

Let’s have a look at what’s been going on Behind the Scenes in the Glasshouse this week.

Dan & Mani have been recording an awesome battle report and this time Dan is using the Tyranids horde against Mani and his Space Pups!!


Mani is no longer limited by a rulespack with his Ad Mech army, he can take multiple forge worlds now and has decided to add some Mars to his list for the London Open this weekend!! He’s added Ironstrider Ballistarii, Sicarian Infiltrators and even some Skorpius Disintegrators that Dawid is currently painting up.


New releases for this week have arrived and among them are the new paint sets for the Age of Sigmar range. If you have just started the hobby with Age of Sigmar 3.0 or you have the miniatures from the new Dominion box and want them to look epic, these new paint sets will definitely help you along the way!!


Look at what’s finally made it’s way on to Dawid’s painting station!! Mani was rocking 6 units of wracks with liquifiers and our Battle Report Drukhari list hasn’t been up to scratch with the nerfs to the wrack units, so we’ve finally managed to get our hands on some new additions which will spice the list back up again. You can be sure they’ll be making an appearance on the channel very soon.


Need to take some professional photos of your stock, just roll out a spare piece of astro turf on an old wooden bench and you have yourself a professional photo shoot station LOL!! Well atleast that’s how we roll here in the Glasshouse.


One of our newest members of staff is starting to learn how to build models and what better way to start off, then by building some of the coolest models in the game. The new Beast Snaggas are being built and Mani is dying to use then as they are his first love in 40k. Orks iz da BEST!!


Dan in all his glory!! We call this one the Dankini!! What a horrible, horrible sight!! Someone please carve my eyes out.

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Behind The Scenes

Let’s have a look at the goings on in the Glasshouse this week


Some great news to start off with, Mani is going to the Gibraltar GT with other awesome content creators such as Lawrence Baker and Stephen Box. Keep a track of how he gets on over on our Discord channel and on our Facebook page where he will be giving game by game updates!!


This next one is for all you Pokemon lovers out there!! The much awaited Chilling Reign release has arrived in store and we have a lot of boxes of them. They are available to order through our webstore and are selling very quickly according to my Phone Notifications!! Get them quick 🙂


Dawid and Mani recorded this weeks battle report and Mani managed to finally get a Stompa on the table and see what havoc he can wreak, the battle report will go up this Friday at 7pm BST!! Also Marc Doody also known as Metachao to all you Thursday Night Fight viewers, will be in tomorrow taking on Mani’s Stompa with his awesome Tau army. Don’t miss it man!!


Mani got asked by Realspace Raiders for some handy tips he would give to any Drukhari players after the nerf and this is what he came up with. If you are a Drukhari fan then check out their channel!! What the hell is he doing in this picture


Calling all lovers of the Astra Militarum, the new Gaunt’s Ghosts and Cadian Shock Troops arrived today and these are our last few boxes left. If you haven’t ordered yours yet, then I suggest you do it quickly before they are all gone!!


Look at these beauties!! Gareth has done an amazing job painting up almost 200 Termagants along with a bunch of characters and monsters that Mani chucked at him, and for that exact reason Mani got them on the very next battle report he could!! This is a picture of how they looked after deployment against Dawid’s Imperial Knights + Militarum army.


The fridge has been fully stocked in preparation for this Thursday and Friday where we’re expecting the place to be very busy, so if you haven’t booked your tables to come and play yet, I suggest you book ASAP and pray they haven’t all already been allocated!!

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Behind The Scenes

This week the team has been very busy, let’s see what they’ve been up to!!

Dawid has finished painting up Ghaz and Dan’s White Scars so we just had to put them head to head. One of the coolest marine chapters against Ghazghkull and his Goffs.


I have no words, this is the funniest and saddest thing i’ve seen in a long time!! Gash Bates :’)


You all asked for it and we have delivered. You all wanted Mani to play Tau and as soon as they came back from our good friend Dale, we instantly subbed out next weeks battle report and filmed this one. Next Friday night at 7pm BST you will get to watch Mani’s Tau go head to head with Dawid’s Astra Militarum force.


Some people have some crazy talent. I couldn’t believe this awesome free hand shoulder guard when i first saw it, this imperial knight was traded in and has gone straight into a display cabinet to be kept because we all instantly fell in love with it.


How bloody amazingly cool does Simon’s Ork army look!! He has spent ages on this with help from Gareth and they are looking incredible. If you want to see them in action tune in to Thursday Night Fight this week over on our Twitch channel where this army will be in action against Dan’s Eldar force.


The Dark Angels have been passed on to Mani and we all know how much he loves all mounted armies from his 35 eel Idoneth army!! He got Dawid to paint him up a full Ravenwing army and it had a great game against Dan’s White Scars which was filmed today. If you want to see which Marine came out on top this day then keep your eyes peeled it will go up in a few weeks.


Dan has finally gotten fed up of Dawid leaving all of his hobby stuff everywhere around the store and decided to do something about it. In classic Dan style he got 1 table and drilled it on top of another table giving Dawid a double level storage section, some may say this orange ball of fat is a genius, what do you reckon!?


Usually this is where we place a picture of Dawid stuffing his face with some sort of food, but this week Mani went mental on this bloody pizza. My god, look at his face, scoffing it like he’s never had pizza before. DISGUSTING!!


That’s what the teams been up to this week, what have you guys been doing?

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Behind The Scenes

Welcome to a new week at the Glasshouse, let’s see what the teams been up to!!

First of all a great piece of content has been produced by Dawid and Mani just today. They recorded a battle report between a Castellan with his Guard allies and Mortarion with his Daemon allies because Dawid thinks his Castellan is king and Mani said “Well let’s have it out then!”


The new release shelves are absolutely stacked because Dan managed to get his hands on a hell of a lot of each new box that came out this past week, if you want to add to your Age of Sigmar collections the new broken realms boxes will make awesome additions.


That’s not all that came in people, we also have a lot of the new Lumineth release because the models just look super cool. If you’re looking for Lumineth then you have come to the right place, head over to the store and grab them while they last, I hear their rules are savage and they are selling quick.


Simon has been making an effort to make the store look a bit cooler by displaying some of the better looking models we have in some glass cabinets around the shop, of course he decided to start with his Imperial Knights as you can imagine. I mean, they do look pretty damn cool you have to admit.


Jason has cashed in 100,000 of his Glasshammer Channel Points from Twitch and decided it would be funny to see Dawid play Dan’s Necrons against him on this week’s Thursday Night Fight. Dawid is going to be using a Triple C’tan army against Dan’s very cool army of Armiger class Imperial Knights being lead by Bjorn and Murderfang!! To watch this epic battle tune in this Thursday on Twitch at 7pm BST people.


Meanwhile Dan has been sat in the back room working very hard on a floor plan of the Glasshouse because it is a requirement that needs to be fulfilled in the application process of our license. As you can tell by his lovely expressions in this photo right here, he is very much a man on the edge, like the very very edge :’)


AAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNDDDDDDDD of course no Behind The Scenes would ever be complete without a glimpse of this gorgeous man engorging himself with some sort of food, I mean its basically become a tradition to catch him in the act now.

That’s what the team here have been up to, what are you guys doing this week!?