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Behind The Scenes

Welcome to a new week at the Glasshouse, let’s see what the teams been up to!!

First of all a great piece of content has been produced by Dawid and Mani just today. They recorded a battle report between a Castellan with his Guard allies and Mortarion with his Daemon allies because Dawid thinks his Castellan is king and Mani said “Well let’s have it out then!”


The new release shelves are absolutely stacked because Dan managed to get his hands on a hell of a lot of each new box that came out this past week, if you want to add to your Age of Sigmar collections the new broken realms boxes will make awesome additions.


That’s not all that came in people, we also have a lot of the new Lumineth release because the models just look super cool. If you’re looking for Lumineth then you have come to the right place, head over to the store and grab them while they last, I hear their rules are savage and they are selling quick.


Simon has been making an effort to make the store look a bit cooler by displaying some of the better looking models we have in some glass cabinets around the shop, of course he decided to start with his Imperial Knights as you can imagine. I mean, they do look pretty damn cool you have to admit.


Jason has cashed in 100,000 of his Glasshammer Channel Points from Twitch and decided it would be funny to see Dawid play Dan’s Necrons against him on this week’s Thursday Night Fight. Dawid is going to be using a Triple C’tan army against Dan’s very cool army of Armiger class Imperial Knights being lead by Bjorn and Murderfang!! To watch this epic battle tune in this Thursday on Twitch at 7pm BST people.


Meanwhile Dan has been sat in the back room working very hard on a floor plan of the Glasshouse because it is a requirement that needs to be fulfilled in the application process of our license. As you can tell by his lovely expressions in this photo right here, he is very much a man on the edge, like the very very edge :’)


AAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNDDDDDDDD of course no Behind The Scenes would ever be complete without a glimpse of this gorgeous man engorging himself with some sort of food, I mean its basically become a tradition to catch him in the act now.

That’s what the team here have been up to, what are you guys doing this week!?

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Behind The Scenes

We’ve been busy this week as always, let’s have a look at what the teams been up to:

The Trade-In Centre was absolutely flooded with an intake of figures from multiple game systems and Dan and Mani have spent ages putting them up on our eBay store. They have been sorted into “like item” lots so if you’re after some cool stuff at great prices, whether it be whole armies or additions to current forces then check out our eBay store.


Oh yea!! That’s what it’s all about, the new Glasshammer Dice have arrived and they look awesome. They will be used in all battle reports and live streamed games going forwards, but do not fear we ordered a tonne of each colour so once they have been blessed by Mani they will be available to buy on the website and also in store.


Talking of dice, the new Drukhari ones were extremely popular and just flew out the door last week but we’ve just managed to get another batch in. That means if you missed out last week then you should head over to the store now and get yours!!


Then the most exciting thing of the week happened, our Drukhari army came in fully painted by our good friend Tim and would you believe it arrived just as Dawid finished painting all of Mani’s Death Guard Terminators. That’s too much of a coincidence and we just had to pit the 2 armies against each other in this week’s battle report. Don’t forget to watch this epic clash this Friday evening at 7pm BST.


We have Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Deathwatch armies but we do not have a generic Space Marines force painted up, but now that Dawid is done with Mani’s Death Guard Terminators he has made a start on the Marines choosing to go with the Glasshammer colours (Grey & Orange).


There are Termagants absolutely everywhere now. After building over 100 of them last week Mani is now building 80 more while doing other jobs, as you can see he is  at his computer and is building models while waiting for different pictures to upload.


Look at this, editting this week’s battle report? I THINK NOT!! Sitting there with his McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets and Fries listening to a group playing D&D. This is what really takes place behind the scenes when the cameras aren’t rolling :’)


Last but definitely not least, in fact it’s probable going to be the biggest job of all. Downstairs turned into a storage of things we did not immediately need during the lockdown and therefore looks a tiny bit messy, but now with the store and and gaming floor about to re-open in the near future we come to the task of making this look presentable again, definitely not looking forward to this job.

So that’s what the team has been up to this past week, what have you all been doing?

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Behind The Scenes

This week we have been extra busy at the Glasshouse, renovating and rearranging the entire store for when all you lovely people are allowed back in next month. Let’s have a look what’s been going on!!


The first job was the most important, moving our beloved bar from the back of the store to the balcony area at the front of the store. Dan on his knees

in front of Mani is an all to familiar scene isn’t it  😉


Although moving the bar was the most important job, the hardest job was definitely getting the absolutely huge fridge through the door. It definitely

didn’t  help that the fridge was ridiculously heavy and didn’t fit through the door unless it was hoisted through on its side. Also look at Dan doing all the

hard work like a hero and Mani just standing around doing nothing as usual.


The store is starting to look real good now everyone. A lot more spacious with a load more racking to store even more product then we already had.

Each section of the store is now really well organised so customers can find all products they require with a lot more ease.


Dan and Dawid super excited filming a battle report, we can see they are playing Space Wolves featuring Bjorn

against the Necrons who will be bringing a Monolith to the table.


VRROM VROOM BABY!! The Speed Waaaggh is a go, Simon has been busy building and starting to paint his full Ork buggy list which sounds super fun

and looks really cool, can’t wait to see that on the table.


God help us all!! Mani has gone horde crazy at the minute, as you know he’s recently just finished 200 Orks and has built 90 Daemonettes. Well now he’s

just continuing with the theme and has decided to build up 180 Termagants for our Tyranid army!!


That’s what we’re all up to this week at the Glasshouse, what are all of you working on?

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Work in Progress Wednesday – 03/03/21

Let’s have a look at what the team has been up to this week in the Glasshouse!!


Some new Pokemon cards have arrived and been added to the website. These are some of the “harder to get a hold of” boxes so if you are
after some, head over to the store now and get yours while the stock is there.

The team are thinking of learning how to play the game after seeing how cool some of the Pokemon in these sets are, how would you Pokemon
fans recommend getting into the game for beginners?

For all you awesome ELITE members, keep an eye out because Dan has been working hard on a new feature that you will all be able to enjoy.
We are all excited for it because the plans that he has for it sound like they’ll make the ELITE feel like a lot more of a community.

Mani has fallen in love with the Keepers of Secrets in the Monster Mash Chaos Daemons army so he decided to add another character to the
collection in the form of Syll’eske the Vengeful Allegiance. What a cool model, if you’re thinking of starting Daemons then Slaanesh definitely
have one of the coolest model ranges in the game.

Then we think the glue went to his head or something, because he decided that it would be a great idea to buy 90 Daemonettes and 6 Fiends
so we can run an entire Slaanesh Daemon army on future Battle Reports. He did manage to build them all, but it’s Mani so who knows when
they’ll actually get some paint on them and see some game time.

Now forget about what Mani’s been doing, check out what Dawid is working on currently. Da Prophet of Da Great WAAGH himself, Ghazkhgull!!
How awesome does he look. As the Orks are about to start seeing more action in games, we thought there is no way that you don’t include
the big boss so Dawid took it upon himself to get Ghazh ready for action. Any Ork fans out there, get your hands on this model if you don’t
already have one.

Look at that face, he’s obviously been caught doing something he shouldn’t be doing. Nope he’s actually hard at work editting this week’s
awesome Battle Report between Imperium and Chaos. It’s a great game so remember to set your alarms for 7pm GMT this Friday and don’t
miss all the action. Look in the bottom right corner, he has fallen in love with the Ghazhkhgull model and is carrying it around with him.
It’ll be funny when Mani steals him to use with the Orks and breaks Dawid’s heart.

Dawid’s had some awesome new ideas on how to improve the stream skin for Thursday Night Fight and a few new features on the Battle Reports
which lead to us needing to take a few new pics of ourselves. As you can see because Dan and Si have diddy little arms, Dawid had to basically squat
to get into the picture.

All our copies of Pariah Nexus have arrived in this weeks delivery and Dan has been waiting weeks for these, being a
Necron and Marine player he wants the models from both halves.

Look at the excitement on that ugly face, it’s hard to look at I know. Dan is a die hard fan of Flayed ones,
he thinks they are super cool and he has been waiting so patiently for them to get new models that he
can’t contain his emotions while unboxing them. And then…..

“How many bloody pieces” I believe were the first words out of his mouth when he actually saw the sprue for the Flayed Ones.
100 to 0 real quick, no more excitement on that face, the poor buggers got like 100 pieces to stick together to build 5 infantry :”)

Look at this lazy git. “Mani is the post for tonight done?” no answer, of course there’s no answer because he’s out cold at his laptop.
Not like this is a daily occurrence at all, oh wait yes it bloody is.

That’s what’s been going on at the Glasshouse this week, what have you guys been up to?