Glasshammer 40k FAQ


Q – Can I swap Warlord Traits, Relics & Powers between games?
A – No. Anything stated as being done before the battle must be written on your submitted list.

Q – I have bought a ticket. How do I register on BCP?
A – You need to register your details on the Glasshammer website ( Entries will be approved every few days and you will then show on the events BCP roster.

Q – Can I balance models on terrain if the base isnt completely touching a surface?
A – As long as the model can physically be placed there and it does not fall off, yes.

Q – What happens after a transport is destroyed and i cannot fit all of my models outside of 1″ of the enemy?
A – Place as many models as possible. Any models that cannot be placed are destroyed. You then roll to see if any of the remaining models die.

Q – What happens if my opponent concedes the game?
A – Your opponent scores 0 points. You must the tally up your score with the possible points you could score before the end of the game (Secondaries that require you to kill something are considered fulfilled for the remaining turns).

Q – Can Barroth & Swooping Hawks charge if they have ‘Skyleaped’ in that turn?
A – Yes

Q – What size base should Tyranid Warriors be on?
A – 50mm  


‘Encircle the Prey’ / ‘Invisible Hunter’ Stratagem (Codex Tyranids) – Change the beginning to “At the end of your moral phase”

‘Overrun’ Stratagem (Codex Tyranids) – It’s obviously used instead of consolidating. It sucks I have had to write this.

‘Zoanthrope’ Datasheet (Codex Tyranids) – Add ‘Synapse’ to keywords

Forgeworld dataslates (Codex Tyranids) – Add ‘Hive Tendril’ keyword

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