Battletome: Sylvaneth (Sb)

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This 144 ­page softback Battletome contains: ­

Exclusive gaming content:

– Rites of Battle
– Spell Lores
– Artefacts of the Glades
– 3 Battleplans
– 5 Warscroll Battallions
– 8 special Warscroll Battalions
– 1 Historical Battalion
– details of the history and organisation of the sylvaneth, with full background for every unit, character and monster in the faction.

All you need to start collecting Sylvaneth:

– the story of Alarielle’s rebirth, the swelling of the sylvaneth ranks and their pledge of vengeance against Chaos;
– tips for collecting sylvaneth miniatures and rules that allow you to play games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar with them.