Duel in the Sun

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The heat builds up as we go from one theatre with extreme conditions to another, this time desert warfare in the campaigns in Africa, Italy and Crete.

Packed with explosive action from the initial clashes between the British and Italian armies in Libya, and Britain’s first unexpected victories, through the ill-fated British expedition to protect Greece from Hitler’s invading troops, and the subsequent desperate battles of British and Commonwealth forces in Crete against determined German paratroopers.

From there we move onto the epic tank duels in the deserts of North Africa as Hitler reinforced Mussolini’s battered forces with the deadly Afrika Korps, and the ultimate showdown between two legendary desert commanders, Rommel and Montgomery, at El Alamein.

This 136-page rulebook is packed full of history, vehicles, units, characters, missions and rules reflecting the harsh climate and desperate battles of the campaigns.

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