Last Levy The Defence of Berlin

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Last Levy the Defence of Berlin

In the shadows of the Reichstag, Berlin’s defenders assembled to defend their besieged capital city. Many desperate civilians were drafted into the Volksturm, a German version of Britain’s Home Guard. Armed with any weapons they could lay their hands on, they were expected to hold back the implacable Red Army determined to punish Germany for the horrors of occupation of the Soviet Union. Old men, wounded soldiers, callow boys drafted in from the Hitler Youth and even some determined women fought side-by-side to attempt to stave off the inevitable, dreadful spectre of defeat.

This last line of defence could still exact a high price for Berlin as they fought the Russian tanks in the streets with panzerfausts and improvised explosives, determined to make the Soviets pay for every inch of their beloved Fatherland.

This Last Levy the Defence of Berlin box set contains21 metal figures:

2 Soliders with Luftfaust Hand-held anti-aircraft rocket launchers and assault rifles

1 Solider with Krummlauf Assault rifle and panzerfaust

Infantry Volksturm Squad:

NSDAP party worker NCO with Beretta SMG

1 Solider with MP40 SMG

3 Soliders with Kar98K rifles

NCO with SMG

4 Soliders with Kar98K rifles and Panzerfausts

Infantry Hitler Squad:

NCO with MP40 SMG

4 Men with Kar98K rifles/Panzerfausts

HQ: Bund Deutsche Madchen medic

HQ: NSDAP Party Official with Pistol

Please note: These models come unpainted and some assembly may be required

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