Movement Tools and Range Ruler Pack: Star Wars Legion Exp.

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Supplement your games of Star Wars: Legion with a tool of convenience: extra movement tools and range rulers! The Star Wars: Legion Movement Tools and Range Ruler Pack contains three joined movement tools and one segmented range ruler, identical to the dice contained in the Core Set.

Of course, combat is only half of the game in Star Wars: Legion. Even the most powerful blasters are useless if they’re not positioned correctly, but fortunately, the Star Wars: Legion Movement Tools & Range Ruler Pack contains the tools to help ensure your troops are always in the perfect position. With an additional range ruler and movement tools, you’ll now have a set for each player, saving valuable game time from looking for movement tools or passing a range ruler back and forth across the table. From sending your 74-Z Speeder Bikes racing across the battlefield to sighting in your AT-RT’s powerful guns, these tools are perfect for keeping your game moving.


  • 3x Star Wars Legion Joined Movement Tools
  • 1x Star Wars Legion Segmented Range Ruler