Storm Strike

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15 push-fit miniatures, which can be assembled without glue and are even supplied on pre-coloured plastic:

Stormcast Eternals

– 3 Castigators and a loyal Gryph-hound – support troops who lay down withering ranged attacks with their thunderhead greatbows;
– 3 Sequitors – frontline infantry who bring the fight to the fore with stormsmite mauls and soulshields – their leader, the Sequitor-Prime, carries a spirit flask.


– 4 Glaivewraith Stalkers: unstoppable gheists drifting inexorably towards their prey, each attacks with a 2-handed hunter’s glaive;
– 4 Myrmourn Banshees: hollow and horrifying, they drift and swoop weightlessly clutching their chill daggers.


Storm Strike features a 16-page set booklet of core rules, providing the basics you need to get gaming. It includes:

– An overview of the items needed to play
– A walkthrough of the turn sequence
– Using Triumphs
– Rules covering the use of terrain and scenery
– A guide to Battleplans
– An explanation of Warscrolls and their use
– Realm of Battle rules
– Allegiance Abilities

4 Warscroll cards are included

Of course, you’ll need guidance in order to play games with your new miniatures – included is an 80-page softback book, packed with background and essential information on painting and playing, including:

– Realms of War
– 4 Battleplans
– Guides to and explanations of the various types of Citadel brushes
– Guides to the various techniques used to paint miniatures
– Methods for creating evocative bases for your miniatures to stand on
– An explanation of Technical paints

Also included are a double-sided playing mat used to fight your battles upon (with the inside of the box even doubling as a scenery piece!), 6 6-sided dice and a 12″ range ruler.

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