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Adepta Sororitas – The Girls are back in Town!!

Hi guys, its that time of week again. Today we take a first look at the new Beta codex for Adepta Sororitas and see what the sisters now bring to the table. We’ll take a look at units which are good and others which are not so good, alongside some nice Relics, Stratagems and Warlord […]

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Team Denmark – Lauge Perto’s ETC Experience

Team Denmark’s Silver at the ETC


Hi there, my name is Lauge Perto and I’m the coach for the Danish national 40K team. When Glasshammer approached me and asked for an article about this year’s ETC I jumped to the task with much fervour and a little bit of trepidation. I read both the American reports after the ETC and Neil Powell’s great article here on Glasshammer and they are tough to follow. Considering that, I have decided to write an article more about the team of great players and why we brought the lists that we brought, rather than giving an extensive battle report of all our 6 games. Hope you’ll find it interesting and useful in either list construction or in your deep thoughts about competitive 40K.

The Team & History

The first Danish ETC team was founded in 2008. For the first couple of years the process of deciding next year’s team changed almost yearly until finally settling in 2012 on a “five-man team tournament winner takes it all” format. While very all-in, this format has led to a lot of consistency on the team as the same core of very talented players have won the qualifier last three years, and that has led to a remarkable transferal of knowledge and skill from one ETC to the next.

Besides consistency it has also lead to a growth of the ETC scene in Denmark. Where the first qualifiers were small affairs, this year’s version is looking to be 16 teams, 80-man tournament. And while Brits, Americans and Russians probably smile at such small and cute numbers, for a country the size of Denmark those are some very respectable numbers 😉

The team this year was comprised of the following players (CLICK ARMY NAME TO SEE ARMY LIST):

Martin Bræmer – Captain, Custodes
Thomas “Dorner” Donslund – Eldar, Ynarri
Aslak Stenkilde – Drukharri, Harlequins
Bo Penstoft – Chaos Space Marines
Alex Dzougov – Astra Militarum
Morten Kirsted – Renegade Knights
Simon Darre – Imperial Knights
Michael Bræmer – Chaos Daemons, Thousand Sons

The team this year had only previous ETC veterans on the team – and 6 of them from last year. Knowing how games at the ETC are played is something that makes a difference between the players who are good locally and the players who are good internationally. Not to imply that the games at the ETC are bad, sour or anything like that. I think the ETC is one of the friendliest competitions around and we always have a great time with our opponents – would highly recommend the ESC for anyone and the ETC for anyone who can qualify for it!

List Synergy’s and Strategy

Our overall list designing strategy have been the same for both years that 8th have been out. We want well rounded lists that doesn’t rely on a single trick to perform. They should have a game against most other meta-lists and enable our players to perform at the table. That is one of the reasons we dropped the Tau list this year. While powerful, it is extremely singular and works in only one phase of the turn, so in the end we decided against bringing them.

But there is always an exception. Some lists, even if they are completely singular in their focus, are just so powerful that we can’t ignore them. Stormravens, Flyrants and Dark Talons where three good examples of such lists. While they go against our general doctrine, their sheer power was so staggering that we couldn’t ignore them. And that is how we felt again when we read the new Imperial Knight codex. The deadline for list submission was close when they released, and we scrambled for lists that countered the knights. The more we tested and the less counters we found, the more we decided to break our guiding principle and bring them as singular armies instead of reinforcing some Imperial or Chaos lists. But even in our knight lists we tried to add some elements of generalists, and that is why both lists include several Armiger Warglaives – a truly generalist unit that allows a good player to show off some of his skills, even though the army is very specialized.

So, what does a rounded list look like in 8th edition? I think Aslak’s Drukharri/Harlequin list is a perfect example of that

Instead of going the Scottish way and taking all Coven units or going the English way and taking 17 harlequin bikes, he took some elements of both and combined them. This combination of tough board prescence, hard hitting and stratagem fuelled bikes as well as some ranged support in ravager ensured that he had “a game” against almost every list he faced.

Another example of the idea of rounded lists can be seen in Martins Custodes list!

While the list is somewhat singular, we tried to add some different, supporting elements to the core of the custodes list. The list was designed as a strong answer to hordes, and it played that role to perfection. But when we see the lists that he actually played against, it was very few horde lists. Both against Scotland’s Tau and Romania Imperial Knights it was all the supporting elements that secured Martin some (a lot actually) points in otherwise horrible matchups.

The last highlight list is one that came into existence precisely because of our idea of broad lists. At first, we were looking at Cultists with Thousand Sons characters and Plaguebearers-galore like so many nations. But we felt that, while strong on the table, the Plaguebearer lists needed too much nursing in the matchup process and therefore we went with Machaels Chaos Daemons, Thousand Sons list.

In this list Michael truly has a treasure trove of possibilities. The summoning points alone allows him to effectively sideboard after seeing the opponent and the mission, but the synergy between the Thousand Sons characters and the Plaguebearers durability gave him the possibility to decide the games on his terms instead of just reacting and being on the defense.

The Match-up strategy

Our overall match-up strategy goes hand in hand with our list strategy. We try to define the current meta lists as accurately as possible and then we want at least a couple of counters for those lists. At the same time, we try to minimise the number of bad match-ups every single list has amongst the meta lists. All this data is inputted into a spreadsheet and then Thomas works his magic.

The importance of Thomas during the pairing process cannot be overstated. He sees pathways towards good match-ups that no-one else sees, especially not our opponents. In almost every round of this year’s ETC when we met up in the huddle after pairings, and before the games started, we had a winning round on paper, based on our assessments. A large part of the success in pairings hinges on two things: the players assessments of their match-ups and the broad lists we have on the team.

The first one is obvious. If the values Thomas is basing his pairings on are wrong, then we have no idea what will happen when the games start, and the pairing process losses a lot of its value. Because of that we whip the players for data throughout the year and always have a half hour of adjustments before every round at the ETC, with the mission and specific lists in mind. This is also why we lost to Spain – in that round we had one match-up labelled as very good for us, but after playing them with their specific list we can see now that it should in fact have had the opposite label! A very fair win for them, we lost because of our lack of knowledge.

The broad lists help the pairings as well in giving stability in the last 4 pairings. The broad lists also often help me out as a coach, because the players are actually in positions where they can either play defensively and get some points or they can make a big gamble and either get 15 or 0 points – a tactical tool we often employ.

Thomas’ matchmaking strategy and the broad list design is also evident in how we made our points. 7 of the 8 players on the team scored between 75 and 90 points! Truly a team effort! Instead of a couple of players bringing in the big points and some players struggling in bad match-ups, we had everyone playing in games where they have a chance from the start.

The ETC 2018

I won’t bore those of you who made it this far with details of our games, but a quick blow-by-blow of the action and how we expected each round to go after the draw:

Denmark 114 : 46 Germany

Result WIN (114) | Expected Result: DRAW (83)

Denmark 94 : 66 Romania

Result WIN (94) | Expected Result: WIN (106)

Denmark 104 : 56 Scotland

Result WIN (104) | Expected Result: WIN (96)

Denmark 84 : 76 Russia

Result DRAW (84) | Expected Result: WIN (103)

Denmark 72 : 88 Spain

Result LOSS (72) | Expected Result: WIN (95)

Denmark 113 : 47 Sweden

Result WIN (113) | Expected Result: DRAW (83)

Some highlights from the rounds include:

• This is the first time Denmark beats Germany, even though we have faced each other in many of the previous years
• It is also the first time we beat our national rivals from Sweden
• Last year we lost to Russia, but drew against Spain, this year it was flipped
• Apparently, our fathers sell Avon?
• If a Romanian offers you alcohol from a weird bottle you should drink it after the round!

That granted us a total of 9 points (8 for 4 wins, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss) and 581 battle points, enough to place us second overall. That is the best Danish result ever, and on top of that we were nominated for best painted and we won “Most Sporting”. Last year we finished 8th and won “Most Sporting” and we couldn’t believe it – winning it two years in a row is almost something we take more pride in than placing second and combining the two is just a mind-boggling experience. We want to give a big thank you to all the teams who voted for us – we had the hardest time voting ourselves because all our opponents gave us great rounds and great experiences!

The Future

The Danish team is already in sharp preparations for next year. Both with our qualifier coming up in November where the usual winners will try and win it or a new and obviously stronger generation will take over. Behind the scenes there are talks of ways to improve not only they players, the lists, and the team but also how to further expose our hobby and our national team to players in Denmark.

Besides that, a lot of us are going to Glasshammer Open and we hope to see you all there – both on the tables and out for a pint after day one 😀

– Lauge

Thanks for the great post Lauge, and we at Glasshammer are looking forwards to seeing the Danes this year at the Glasshammer Open. If you guys havn’t got a ticket yet, be sure to get one HERE before they run out!

Finally, for those interested in watching Michael from the Danish Team play against Scotland Mathew Edmunds, visit our Twitch Video of the game HERE.

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Team Scotland – Neil Powell’s ETC Experience

Hey Glasshammer readers!

I’m sure if you follow this page and subscribe to it’s excellent content, you have a pretty solid understanding of competitive 40k, and are more than likely pretty familiar with the ETC tournament that’s run every year at various host nations across Europe.

So, with that in mind, I won’t delve too deep into what the ETC is;
In the unlikely event that some of you are in the dark and haven’t got a scooby about what I’m going to wang on about for the next 40 or 50 minutes* (*not true, even I can’t stand the sound of my own inner monologue for that long), the ETC is essentially the World Championships of 40k.

It’s an event made up of 8 player teams, that represent their respective countries, and play in a 6 round Swiss-paired tournament, in a bid to claim bragging rights as the number one team the World. At least for 12 months.
The clock starts now U.S.A. so best get your chat on fast 😉

Team Selection – How does it work?

As a playing member for Team Scotland, Glasshammer have asked me to tell you guys a little about how our team is selected, our tournament preparation and our experience at this years event.

I’ll do my best to keep this anecdotal, with minimal drivel and the occasional tidbit of useful information, but as a notorious gobshite (for those unsure on British slang, this means someone talking a load of rubbish), I cant promise you anything.

Historically, Team Scotland had earned a reputation for being one of the most sociable and fun, but perhaps a bit of a soft touch on the tabletop.

This year was my 4th ETC with Team Scotland, and without a doubt the one in which I felt the most confident that our team was best placed to cause an upset. I joined the team in 2015, Scottish 40k was in a very different place back then, with a dearth of players interested in competitive play. A last minute drop out left the boys scrambling to find a replacement, and probably because I was the only tit prepared to step in, I was taken to fill the void.

For me, attending that ETC was a game changing moment. I fell in love with the tournaments format, the size and scale of the event and the unbelievable sense of acceptance and enthusiasm from all these nerds collected in one place, playing a game we all adore. The gaming level and the social aspect was completely off the chart. I knew I wanted more.

On the table, the team performed modestly, but much better than we expected, which planted a seed that we were capable of even more.

We came away from it knowing that if we wanted to improve our performance it was up to us to rip up the script and start again.


We as team members knew we needed to take on the responsibility and be committed to making grass route changes in the way that we structured and ran Team Scotland. The core of that playing team still remains in our 2018 squad today.

The last 4 years has seen us steadily re-engage with the 40k community in Scotland, with much help from former and current team members Liam O’Shea and Innes Wilson and their fantastic podcast “Caledonian Deathwatch Radio.’

The Scottish tournament scene

We’ve increased our presence at Scottish based tournaments and gaming clubs, and our team members that are based south of the wall, including the plastic Scots, like me, have made sure that we get ourselves to Scotland for events a couple of times a year, so that the community at least has some semblance of who these knobbers representing Team Scotland actually are.

There is no hard and fast rule to how ETC teams are picked, and each country is afforded the right to structure their selection however they see fit.

Before we wrung in the changes, the team was often seen as being an exclusive boys club where the same players only picked their mates, so we have made strides to change this perception and operate a transparent selection process.

Anyone can put their name up to be captain of the team, although even being captain doesn’t guarantee them a playing place on the team.

Anyone who has represented the team in the last 3 years is entitled to a vote on the captaincy candidates. The winner takes the hot-seat.

We run a rankings system that collects the results of any eligible Scottish player that has expressed their interest in representing the team. Over the course of 12 months these points accrued will give us a system where by which we can see how players are performing at which events and what armies they are playing with.

The top 3 players at the end of the selection year automatically qualify for the team. Then together, based on their understanding of the meta and the players best suited to fill expected requirements, they pick the next two players. Those 5 pick players 6 and 7. Finally, those 7 select player 8, who is usually selected to round out any holes in the current roster.

To put it into perspective, in 2015 we couldn’t fill 8 spots. Our current rankings has over 30 players fighting it out for a place, and more requesting to be added all the time.

Since 2015 we have had 14 new players represent the team.

Playtesting and Goals

Once the team is picked, the list talk starts. Our aim as players is to play in as many events as possible and try out a variety of lists. No idea is a bad idea. Unless it’s one of mine. My ideas are usually terrible.

Once we lock down our lists and assign them to players for an upcoming event, be it the 6 Nations or the ETC, it’s all steam ahead. Practice, practice, practice. Play your list wherever and whenever you can. This will make the difference when you get to the event between getting 5 points out of a terrible match up and getting 0. Or 20 points out of a great matchup instead of 15.

Those 5 points could be the difference between the team winning the round or losing it. The team is the sum of it’s parts and way more important than any one individual player, so everyone has to check their ego at the door.

Like I said three hours ago when you started reading this, this year I felt we were ready to surprise a few faces. Since that 2015 event we’ve been slowly threatening it. We lost a round to the mighty Germans by 1pt in 2016. A previously unthinkable result. We collected a team best 7pts and finished 9th overall, which was our highest placing until this year.

In 2017, we drew our match with the Swedes and beat Ukraine, who as anyone will tell you are two extremely strong teams.

So onto this year and with a full 12 months of 8th ed behind us, we knew that on our day, we were capable of beating anyone.

Our captain, Tim Dagnell had taken a hands off approach to running the team, ensuring open communication, task delegation and that all decisions were always made in the best interests of the team.

Outside of routinely falling asleep during round pairings so he could leave Bernard Lee to get on with outfoxing our opponents, distraction free (true story), he went as far as to drop himself from a playing spot when life commitments prevented him from getting in enough gaming time to do the team justice.

That was just one of many unselfish choices he made which was fundamental in building a sense of camaraderie and spirit within our team.
A spirit the likes I haven’t experienced since my teens, when me and the rejects in my school football team went on that epic Dorset Cup run. LEGENDARY.
If you’ve never heard about it, you simply must not be about 35 years old and from Bournemouth, Dorset.

With a genuine sense of belief in each other and the team, this ETC Team Scotland finally delivered on the goal we set ourselves on the way home from Prague back in 2015.

We didn’t have an easy run of it either. Over the weekend we played 6 fantastic teams. Fantastic not only in the sense of their gaming skill, but perhaps more importantly, also fantastic blokes, who all played in good sports and were great lads to throw dice around with.

The 2018 ETC Journey

First up was a Canadian team who were sporting one or two familiar faces from the UK, including Scotland’s own Gav Herritage (we only lent him to you, so hands off now).
We pulled off a comfortable win to get off to a good start.

Next we faced old rivals Belgium who’s lists gave us a fright in pairings, but Bernie pulled out a bit of the ‘Fortnum magic’ and out paired them, and Duncan stole unlikely points with canny play to allow us to deliver a strong win and keep the train rolling.

As a result, we squared off against Denmark, who outside of being 9 of the coolest guys at the entire event, have generally been about one step ahead of us these past couple of years in terms of their development. Their lists, in a head to head had the edge on ours, and whilst Bernie paired us as best as we could hope for, unfortunately they had a bit too much for us this time, handing us our only defeat of the weekend.

Now normally a defeat means you drop down and with any luck, you next play a team considered to be second tier.
To give you a football analogy, you’ve got your top tier sides like Spurs and the two Manchester clubs. Then you’ve got the next level down, like Burnley, Everton, Leicester, Southampton, Newcastle, Watford……and Arsenal.

But having won two out of three games, we were sitting in a shark tank with a blood red steak glued to our testicles and throwing chum in the water. Some big fish had lost a game at this point, including powerhouses like Poland, Germany and England and they were all looking for a smaller fish like us to feast on.

We were matched with Poland, who historically are the greatest 40k team ever to compete in the ETC, with more wins than anyone else.

It was the make or break moment of our tournament. Time to work on some magic. If we lost, it would be as every person outside of the 10 of us wearing the shirt had expected. But if we were going to stand up, then it had to be now.

Bernie once again smashed out the pairings and the team fought tooth and nail, point by point. Across the matchups our lads stuck to the plan and with a couple of exceptional performances, notably from everyone’s favourite 40k reprobate and serial nudist, Blacky, and Colm with his broke as fuck DE list, we brought home a wide victory. It was the victory we needed, and more over, the victory we deserved.

Freeeeeedom!!!!! – England vs Scotland

If there had been any doubt before, this only cemented in our minds that this team could take on anyone. And as if fate would have it, we were paired to play the Auld enemy England in round 5.

The banter between all the home nations is simply that, just good banter. The fact is we all see each other at events in the UK all the time, so throughout the teams we all have great friendships.
I believe we genuinely wish each other the very best of luck and success at every Team event.

But…. this is still Scotland vs England at the ETC, the winner one foot away from the podium, so fuck that noise, we were coming to take them apart!! Lol.

Momentum is priceless in a tournament environment, and we had built it steadily. Fresh from the Poland win, and a night to reflect on pairings, we felt confident that we had England’s number this time around. Once again, Bernard paired us favourably, and then the team delivered with excellent performances from Bernard himself and Aidhan in particular to get us over the line and give us a strong win over England and within touching distance of the big boys table.

Our final game was against last years runaway winners, Russia, who had up to this point lost only to the eventual winners, USA.

For the only time in the event, you could argue that we walked away from the pairings feeling that we maybe could have done a little better. The emphasis was definitely now on our boys to hit the top end of their predictions, or it would seem that we might fall at the final hurdle and be going home empty handed. The gallant losers that gave it their best shot but came up short.

But in words that William Wallace may or may not have said before charging across the battlefield at the enemy when potentially overmatched……..

“Yer da sells Avon and yer ma punts coonsil!”

Into the games and Innes was staring at a horrible pairing, against an opponent fully expecting to push his poop in. He rallied, and pulled out a sensational victory.
Ricky went toe to toe with his opponent knowing one of them was getting tabled. He stood and traded until the last bomb landed flush on the chin and he took his guy out.
Kris ran the line as coach and kept a tight eye on who was predicting what scores, informed the lads who needed to push, who needed to pull back.
Tim enforced a recount on a score tally from one finished game which bought us another point.


We dug in and when all was said and done, we were 5 points shy of winning the round, but had secured a draw, which was enough to guarantee us 3rd place and put us on the podium for the first time ever.

To say we were pleased, possibly doesn’t do it justice. Lol.

To top this off, the day before we had been informed that the team had also been nominated for best painted for the 8 armies we had taken. Most of the models were done by our players, but we’ve got to give a big nod also to Chris Gent, who contributed greatly, painting one full army an elements of at least 3 others.

To also win that award really felt like a massive reward for all the effort the team had collectively put in over the past 12 months and beyond.

For me what the weekend felt like can be best summed up in this picture –

With us winning best painted and 3rd place, it’s given the team a place to continue from, and hopefully will inspire more Scottish players who are perhaps on the fringes of competitive play to get involved and push the team on once again.

The foundations have been laid so now we need to continue to build.

What does the future hold?

Anyone interested in the team can contact us via our Facebook page or approach us at any of the events we attend. You’ll usually find us with a beer in our hand a smile on our face. Except possibly me. Im a miserable looking twonk, but I assure you, we are all pretty amiable guys and always happy to chat to friends new and old alike.

Tourneykeeper holds the results from every game and every round from the ETC. For those that are interested click here 

The lists every player took can be found on there too incase you guys are looking for inspiration. I certainly saw one or two things that I liked the look of.

Anyhow…. if you’ve made it this far, you’ll be pleased to know that I’m done. I hope that there are at least a few things shoe horned in amongst my drivel that made it worth the read, and I look forward to catching all somewhere down the road.

Congrats to both the USA and Denmark on their respective 1st and 2nd place finishes, and on a personal note, I want to once again thank all my opponents and especially my team mates for an amazing weekend.



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ETC Team Event – Round 1 Army List

+PLAYER: Sean Nayden
+ ARMY FACTION: Harlequins
+ Factions Used: Harlequins, Drukhari

== Battalion Detachment == Drukhari [35 Power Level] [609 Points] [5 CP] <Kabal of the Black Heart>
HQ1: Archon (70), venom blade (2) [4 PL] [72pts]
HQ2: Archon (70), venom blade (2) [4 PL] [72pts]
TR 1: 5 Warriors (5×6=30) [pl2] [30]
TR 2: 5 Warriors (5×6=30) [pl2] [30]
TR 3: 5 Warriors (5×6=30) [pl2] [30]
HS 1: Ravager (80) 3 Disintegrator cannons(3×15=45) [7 PL] [125 pts]
HS 2: Ravager (80) 3 Disintegrator cannons(3×15=45) [7 PL] [125 pts]
HS 3: Ravager (80) 3 Disintegrator cannons(3×15=45) [7 PL] [125 pts]

== Battalion Detachment == Drukhari [26 Power Level] [485 Points] [5 CP] <Cult of the Cursed Blade>
HQ3: Succubus (50), splinter pistol(0) [4 PL] [50pts]
HQ4: Succubus (50), shardnet and impaler(5) [4 PL] [55pts]
TR4: 20 Wyches (20×8=160) 2 shardnets and impalers(2×5=10), [8PL] [170pts]
TR5: 20 Wyches (20×8=160) 2 shardnets and impalers(2×5=10) [8PL] [170pts]
TR6: 5 Wyches (5×8=40) [2PL] [40pts]

== Outrider Detachment == Harlequins [48 Power Level] [906 Points] [1 CP] <Masque of Dreaming Shadow>
HQ5: Troupe master (70) [4 PL] [70pts] Warlord (player of twilight)
FA1: 6 Skyweavers (6×30=180), 6 haywire cannon (6×15=90), 2 zephyrglaive(2×6=12) [13PL] [282pts]
FA2: 5 Skyweavers (5×30=150), 5 haywire cannon (5×15=75), [13PL] [225pts]
FA3: 5 Skyweavers (5×30=150), 5 haywire cannon (5×15=75), 1 zephyrglaive(1×6=6) [13PL] [231pts]
Elite 1: Solitaire(84) harlequins kiss(7) Harlequins carress(7) [5 PL] [98pts] (relic: starmist raiment)


+ Player 10 : Alex “Lex-A, son of Zizou” Dehan
+ ID Tourneykeeper : 1746
+ Faction : Chaos – <Heretic Astartes> <Chaos Daemons>
+ Total Army Points : 1998 pts
+ Total Command Points : 18
+ Total Army Power Level : 112
+ Reinforcement Points : n/a
== Battalion Detachment / 5CP <Nurgle Deamon> ==

HQ1 : Spoilpox Scrivener – [75pts][4PL][Relic : Corruption]
HQ2 : Poxbringer – [70pts][4PL] [Psy: Miasma of Pestilence, Smite]
Troop1 : 29 Plague Bearers (29×7), Instruments of Chaos (10), Daemonic Icon (15) – [228pts][12PL]
Troop2 : 29 Plague Bearers (29×7), Instruments of Chaos (10), Daemonic Icon (15) – [228pts][12PL]
Troop3 : 28 Plague Bearers (28×7), Instruments of Chaos (10), Daemonic Icon (15) – [221pts][12PL]

== Battalion Detachment / 5CP <Chaos Deamon> ==
HQ3 : Sloppity Bilepiper – [60pts][3PL] <Nurgle Deamon>
HQ4 : Bloodmaster – [56pts][3PL][Warlord: Rage Incarnate] <Khorne Deamon>
Troop7 : 30 Bloodletters (30×7), Instrument of Chaos (10), Daemonic Icon (15) – [235pts][12PL] <Khorne Deamon>
Troop8 : 25 Plague Bearers (25×7), Instruments of Chaos (10), Daemonic Icon (15) – [200pts][12PL] <Nurgle
Troop9 : 10 brimstones – [30pts][4PL] <Tzeench Deamon>

== Battalion Detachment / 5CP <Heretic Astartes> ==
HQ5 : Khârn The Betrayer [160pts][8PL] <Khorne><World Eater>
HQ6 : Chaos Sorcerer with Jump Pack (112), force stave (8.) [120pts][7PL][Psy: Death Hex, Prescience] <Slaanesh>
<Iron Warriors>
Troop10 : 10 chaos cultists -&nbsp;[40pts][3PL] <Slaanesh> <Alpha Legion>
Troop11 : 10 chaos cultists -&nbsp;[40pts][3PL] <Slaanesh> <Alpha Legion>
Troop12 : 10 chaos cultists -&nbsp;[40pts][3PL] <Slaanesh> <Alpha Legion>
HS1: Obliterators -&nbsp;[195pts][10PL] <Slaanesh> <Night Lord>

total 1998pts


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Top 3 Spicy Lists – ETC 2018

Today we bring you the top 3 spicy lists of this years ETC. I have picked 3 lists which stand out as being fairly spicy, which not only go against the norm of the meta, but also which I feel has the workings of a great list not only at the ETC, but potentially at single events.



Next on our list is Nick Rose’s (Team USA) Genestealer Cult:

BattalionDetachment == [755 Points] +5 CP (64PL) <Brood Brother>

HQ 1: Acolyte Iconward (53): Autopistol, Blasting charge, Rending claw (0) (Relic Icon of the Cult Ascendant) Warlord
(Focus of Adoration) <Brood brother> – [53 pts] (3PL)
HQ 2: Magus (73): Autopistol, Force Stave, (0) Pyschic Powers (Mass Hypnosis) <Brood brother> – [73 pts] (4PL)
HQ 3: Patriarch (150): Monstrous Rending Claws (0) Pyschic Powers (Mind Control) <Brood brother> – [150 pts] (7PL)

TROOP 1: 19 Neophytes (19 x 5 = 95): 19x Autoguns, 19x Blasting Charges, 19x Auto Pistols (0) Power Maul (4) <Brood Brother> – [99 pts] (10PL)
TROOP 2: 19 Neophytes (19 x 5 = 95): 19x Autoguns, 19x Blasting Charges, 19x Auto Pistols (0) Cultist knife (0) <Brood Brother> – [95 pts] (10PL)
TROOP 3: 19 Neophytes (19 x 5 = 95): 19x Autoguns, 19x Blasting Charges, 19x Auto Pistols (0) Cultist knife (0) <Brood Brother> – [95 pts] (10PL)
TROOP 4: 19 Neophytes (19 x 5 = 95): 19x Autoguns, 19x Blasting Charges, 19x Auto Pistols (0) Cultist knife (0) <Brood Brother> – [95 pts] (10PL)
TROOP 5: 19 Neophytes (19 x 5 = 95): 19x Autoguns, 19x Blasting Charges, 19x Auto Pistols (0) Cultist knife (0)<Brood Brother> – [95 pts] (10PL)

Battalion Detachment == [1245 Points] +5 CP (73PL) <Kraken>

HQ 4: Neurothrope (70): Claws and Teeth (0) <Kraken> Pyschic Powers (Psychic Scream) – [70 pts] (4PL)
HQ 5: Neurothrope (70): Claws and Teeth (0) <Kraken> Pyschic Powers (Onslaught) – [70 pts] (4PL)

TROOP 6: 30 Hormagaunts (30 x 5 = 150): 30xScything talons (0) <Kraken> – [150 pts] (9PL)
TROOP 7: 29 Hormagaunts (29 x 5 = 145): 29xScything talons (0) <Kraken> – [145 pts] (9PL)
TROOP 8: 30 Termagants (30 x 4 = 120): 30xFleshBorer x 30 (0) <Kraken> – [120 pts] (9PL)
TROOP 9: 30 Termagants (30 x 4 = 120): 30xFleshBorer (0) <Kraken> – [120 pts] (9PL)

ELITE 1: 3 Venomthropes (3x 30 = 90): 3x Toxic Lashes (0) <Kraken> – [90 pts] (5PL)

ELITE 2: 4 Zoanthropes (4x 40 = 160): 4x Claws and teeth (0) <Kraken> Pyschic Powers (The Horror – [160 pts] (8PL)
ELITE 3: 4 Zoanthropes (4x 40 = 160): 4x Claws and teeth (0) <Kraken> Pyschic Powers (Catalyst) – [160 pts] (8PL)
ELITE 4: 4 Zoanthropes (4x 40 = 160): 4x Claws and teeth (0) <Kraken> Pyschic Powers (Catalyst) – [160 pts] (8PL)

Holy…..this list is epic! Where do we start? So the brood brother battalion gives you a fairly reliable amount of ambush units which flood the board. 100 little dudes with autoguns definitely add up and help clear the screens for the rest of the army.

We next have the Hormagaunts and Termagaunts. If these make it close, they can put some hurt. Being Kraken gives access to some spicy stratagems (double your advance roll) and a great trait of rolling 3d6 and picking the highest when advancing. This means the hormagaunts are faster than you think, getting into combat fairly comfortably with the psychic power, Onslaught, allowing them to advance and charge!

The Venomthropes are a fairly inexpensive unit which gives a great debuff for your opponent targeting such a squishy army with its -1 to hit. Some people seem to forget this units capability and how durable it actually is. This is made more-so if you can hide them behind some BLOS terrain. Reducing the amount of losses can be pivitol for an army of gaunts, so a great little addition.

Finally we have the 12 Zoanathropes. I absolutely love these! Most people will be losing their minds at the thought of taking these but I think they are brilliant, giving the army some great buffs. 12 wounds with 3++ makes them super resilient, an average move of 10 with the 3d6 pick the highest advance and numerous powers, they are surprisingly quicker than people think. Then we have their stratagem, psychic barrage. Instead of doing any other psychic powers, as long as these 3 units are within 6 of one another, you can pick a point within 18″ in the psychic phase (so including your average move, 28″) then every unit within 3″ takes 3D3 mortal wounds on a 4+ (3+ if more than 10 models, 5+ if a character). This can be very powerful, or a flop. But having that option for 1CP, the chance of killing a buff character on a 5+ (averages 6 wounds) can be worthwhile alone! Finally, they also provide some mobile synapse which can be extended with a power, so overall a great addition to the horde.

Finally, we have another horde, but one which has some spicy elements to the norm, Sascha Rossol’s (Team Germany) Chaos list:

== Battalion Detachment == Heretic Astartes [+5 Battalion Detachment +2 CP Abbadon =7 CP ] [842 pts] [53 PL]

HQ 1: Abaddon the Despoiler <Black Legion> [240 pts] [12 PL] – WARLORD (First Amongst Traitors)
HQ 2: Exalted Champion (70 pts), Power maul (4 pts), Relic: Black Mace, Chainsword (0 pts), Mark of Khorne (0 pts) <Black Legion> [74 pts] [5 PL]

Troops 1: 40 Chaos Cultists: 35 Chaos Cultists with Autogun (35*4 + 35*0 = 140), 4 Chaos Cultists with Heavy Stubbers (4*4 + 4*4 = 16 pts), Champion with Autogun (4 + 0 = 4 pts), Mark of Slaanesh (0 pts) <Black Legion> [176pts] [12 PL]
Troops 2: 40 Chaos Cultists: 35 Chaos Cultists with Autogun (35*4 + 35*0 = 140), 4 Chaos Cultists with Heavy Stubbers (4*4 + 4*4 = 16 pts), Champion with Autogun (4 + 0 = 4 pts), Mark of Slaanesh (0 pts) <Black Legion> [176pts] [12 PL]
Troops 3: 40 Chaos Cultists: 35 Chaos Cultists with Autogun (35*4 + 35*0 = 140), 4 Chaos Cultists with Heavy Stubbers (4*4 + 4*4 = 16 pts), Champion with Autogun (4 + 0 = 4 pts), Mark of Slaanesh (0 pts) <Alpha Legion> [176pts] [12 PL]

== Battalion Detachment == Heretic Astartes <World Eaters> [+5 CP -1 CP Relic: Axe of blind Fury =4 CP] [743 pts] [49PL]

HQ 3: Kharn the Betrayer [160 pts] [8 PL]
HQ 4: Exalted Champion (70 pts), Power axe (5 pts), Relic: Axe of the blind Fury (1 CP), Chainsword (0 pts), Mark of Khorne (0pts) <World Eaters> [74 pts] [5 PL]

Troops 4: 36 Chaos Cultists : 32 Chaos Cultists with Autopistol and brutal assault weapon (32*4 + 32*0 = 128 pts), 3 Chaos Cultists with Heavy stubber (3*4 + 3*4 = 12 pts), Champion with Autopistol and brutal assault weapon (4 + 0 = 4 pts), Mark of Khorne (0 pts) [156 pts] [12 PL]
Troops 5: 40 Chaos Cultists : 35 Chaos Cultists with Autopistol and brutal assault weapon (32*4 + 32*0 = 128 pts), 4 Chaos Cultists with Heavy stubber (4*4 + 4*4 = 16 pts), Champion with Autopistol and brutal assault weapon (4 +0 = 4 pts), Mark of Khorne (0 pts) [176 pts] [12 PL]
Troops 6: 40 Chaos Cultists : 35 Chaos Cultists with Autopistol and brutal assault weapon (32*4 + 32*0 = 128 pts), 4 Chaos Cultists with Heavy stubber (4*4 + 4*4 = 16 pts), Champion with Autopistol and brutal assault weapon (4 +0 = 4 pts), Mark of Khorne (0 pts) [176 pts] [12 PL]

== Supreme Command Detachment == Thousand Sons [+5 CP -1 CP Relic: Helm of the third Eye =4 CP] [415 pts] [22 PL]

HQ 5: Ahriman [131 pts] [7 PL] – Psychic Powers, Smite, Death Hex, Warptime, Doombolt
HQ 6: Daemon Prince of Tzeentch with Wings (170 pts), 2x Malefic talons (0 +10 =10 pts) [180 pts] [9 PL] – Psychic Powers: Smite, Infernal Gateway, Gaze of Fate.

HQ 7: Thousand Sons Sorcerer (95 pts), Inferno bolt pistol (1 pts), Force sword (8 pts), Relic: Helm of the third Eye (1 CP) [104 pts] [6 PL] – Psychic Powers: Smite, Infernal Gaze, Prescience

So leading the list is Abbaddon and what a force-multiplier he is in this list! He’s giving 80 cultists re-rolls to hit with their Autoguns and fearless to all 236 cultists.

Next there is the cultists themselves. One unit of Alpha Legion to infiltrate and flood the board, sat on objectives and pressuring your opponent early. Then the Black Legion Slaanesh units where one unit can potentially pump out 160 shots (double shooting stratagem), hitting on 3’s (prescience) with re-rolls to hit (Abbadon) and +1 to wound (veterans of the long war). What a combo!

Then we have the World Eaters Cultists. This is something we don’t see often, but very overlooked. The cultists are all armed with combat weapons, and within range of Kharn and exalted champ, can pump out 121 attacks in combat on the charge re-rolling to hit and wound, potentially attacking twice thanks to the Khorne stratagem. Another filthy combo which stacks even more with prescience and veterans of the long war.

To top it all off, there is the Thousand Sons detachment, bringing even more psychic power. Warp Time to double move one of your units of cultists, Death Hex to get rid of those pesky invulnerable saves (remember the additional 6″ on casts for Thousand Sons), and numerous ways of pumping mortal wounds for knights etc. Lets also not forget the Daemon Princes, Kharn and Abbadon being absolute machines in combat!

I love this list, and can be very tricky for opponents to play against with numerous tricks. Remember that units of cultists can even pop up on your weakened lines on the flank with Tide Of Traitors.

That’s it for my top 3 picks from this years ETC lists. To view all the lists, visit here

What are your thoughts, does any list stand out for you? Let us know!