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Big winners – Post FAQ

So, now the FAQ has been released for a few months, what has changed? Well notably, very little. We have seen numerous different events be won by, well, basically the same armies. Our recent Glasshammer Open was won by Ynaari/Drukhari mix, a pretty standard combo we see in the UK. In America, a recent event was one by Brandon Grant’s Imperial Soup, a slight variation to the usual we see, but still retains the main pertinent choices such as the Guard Brigade and a Castellant knight.

Why is this? Well as we were all expecting points changes as well as the FAQ changes, lists didn’t change like they were supposed to. This is expecting to change with the upcoming Chapter Approved in December, so until then, what can we expect from the meta?


With the changes to fly, we would expect more Gunlines as those pesky Fly units can no longer simply jump over the bubble-wrap and tie up the backfield fire-support.  Tau do this very well, as does Guard. Combos like Riptides with Shield Drones surrounded by Fire Warriors and Kroot will be very strong and will be expected to do very well thanks to the changes to Fly.

Guard tanks, such as Baneblade variants, Tank Commanders and even things like Hydras will see play now. The ability to stop intercepting mobile units flying onto your gunline now is a thing of beauty! What we can expect to see in the future is more tanks, now that’s got me excited!

Deep Strike

Deep striking units have become a beta striking unit. Whereas before you could drop your units on even your side of the board and shoot (ravagers dropping down to avoid being shot), now expect to build a list around striking later in the game.  Units such as deep striking Death Company can be a great choice for such a task, after clearing the screens, allowing your heavy hitters to hit later.  This is a blessing in disguise, soo many people decide to commit their forces too early, remember that sometimes its good to hold your units back a turn later allowing you to make full advantage of them. Now although it has hit units which liked to come down turn one, there needs to be some balance in hiding in the shadows and not being shot. Personally I feel this is completely reasonable and was far too strong beforehand.


Utilise your mortars and Hellhounds to clear screens ready to re-deploy your Smash captains. This no longer needs to happen turn 1 as you can have numerous attempts to hit the prime targets throughout the game whilst keeping pressure on your opponent’s manoeuvring around the table whilst knowing you can drop those smash captains anywhere.

Da-Jump – Another ability to re-deploy which doesn’t need to be used rash turn one, clear what you need to first with Lootas and Shoota boys before committing! Don’t always use this turn 1 if you don’t need to. This doesn’t mean it isn’t useful for added pressure but remember what you need to achieve when committing too early. Multiple threats in 1 go is what works best which may mean committing turn 2.


Now that the Ork codex is out, we will see even more hordes. Hordes haven’t changed with the ability to secure multiple objectives. Going first in ITC or ETC missions still gives a tactical advantage to hordes as they can secure the board control early. Horde armies like Guard, Cultists, Orks and Nids can move exceptionally fast, so expect to build ways on either slowing them down (Fliers can do this by blocking their movement), killing them (remember most hordes are fearless) or getting rid of their buff characters (not always possible). These types of armies can score big early, but always remember that this is to be expected, don’t get disheartened and play for end game!


Now that we see a decline in Dark Reapers and the return of Hordes, bring your Storm Ravens, Dark Talons, Dakka Jets and Crimson Hunters out to play! Flyers are still -1 to hit, and most of them are exceptionally durable. Now you can give them +1 save if going second, they are extremely reliable when you need them to perform. Deploying them right at the back, making only certain units capable of hitting them from such range AND giving them a boost to their save makes them very hard to budge!

Flyers can still impact the game in multiple ways, with their multitude of weapons and the ability to slow down troops on foot which we see more often with the fly nerfs effecting some armies and making people change their lists!

These are some of the notable changes expected to be seen, what other changes have you guys noticed in your local/national meta?


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Team Denmark – Lauge Perto’s ETC Experience

Team Denmark’s Silver at the ETC


Hi there, my name is Lauge Perto and I’m the coach for the Danish national 40K team. When Glasshammer approached me and asked for an article about this year’s ETC I jumped to the task with much fervour and a little bit of trepidation. I read both the American reports after the ETC and Neil Powell’s great article here on Glasshammer and they are tough to follow. Considering that, I have decided to write an article more about the team of great players and why we brought the lists that we brought, rather than giving an extensive battle report of all our 6 games. Hope you’ll find it interesting and useful in either list construction or in your deep thoughts about competitive 40K.

The Team & History

The first Danish ETC team was founded in 2008. For the first couple of years the process of deciding next year’s team changed almost yearly until finally settling in 2012 on a “five-man team tournament winner takes it all” format. While very all-in, this format has led to a lot of consistency on the team as the same core of very talented players have won the qualifier last three years, and that has led to a remarkable transferal of knowledge and skill from one ETC to the next.

Besides consistency it has also lead to a growth of the ETC scene in Denmark. Where the first qualifiers were small affairs, this year’s version is looking to be 16 teams, 80-man tournament. And while Brits, Americans and Russians probably smile at such small and cute numbers, for a country the size of Denmark those are some very respectable numbers 😉

The team this year was comprised of the following players (CLICK ARMY NAME TO SEE ARMY LIST):

Martin Bræmer – Captain, Custodes
Thomas “Dorner” Donslund – Eldar, Ynarri
Aslak Stenkilde – Drukharri, Harlequins
Bo Penstoft – Chaos Space Marines
Alex Dzougov – Astra Militarum
Morten Kirsted – Renegade Knights
Simon Darre – Imperial Knights
Michael Bræmer – Chaos Daemons, Thousand Sons

The team this year had only previous ETC veterans on the team – and 6 of them from last year. Knowing how games at the ETC are played is something that makes a difference between the players who are good locally and the players who are good internationally. Not to imply that the games at the ETC are bad, sour or anything like that. I think the ETC is one of the friendliest competitions around and we always have a great time with our opponents – would highly recommend the ESC for anyone and the ETC for anyone who can qualify for it!

List Synergy’s and Strategy

Our overall list designing strategy have been the same for both years that 8th have been out. We want well rounded lists that doesn’t rely on a single trick to perform. They should have a game against most other meta-lists and enable our players to perform at the table. That is one of the reasons we dropped the Tau list this year. While powerful, it is extremely singular and works in only one phase of the turn, so in the end we decided against bringing them.

But there is always an exception. Some lists, even if they are completely singular in their focus, are just so powerful that we can’t ignore them. Stormravens, Flyrants and Dark Talons where three good examples of such lists. While they go against our general doctrine, their sheer power was so staggering that we couldn’t ignore them. And that is how we felt again when we read the new Imperial Knight codex. The deadline for list submission was close when they released, and we scrambled for lists that countered the knights. The more we tested and the less counters we found, the more we decided to break our guiding principle and bring them as singular armies instead of reinforcing some Imperial or Chaos lists. But even in our knight lists we tried to add some elements of generalists, and that is why both lists include several Armiger Warglaives – a truly generalist unit that allows a good player to show off some of his skills, even though the army is very specialized.

So, what does a rounded list look like in 8th edition? I think Aslak’s Drukharri/Harlequin list is a perfect example of that

Instead of going the Scottish way and taking all Coven units or going the English way and taking 17 harlequin bikes, he took some elements of both and combined them. This combination of tough board prescence, hard hitting and stratagem fuelled bikes as well as some ranged support in ravager ensured that he had “a game” against almost every list he faced.

Another example of the idea of rounded lists can be seen in Martins Custodes list!

While the list is somewhat singular, we tried to add some different, supporting elements to the core of the custodes list. The list was designed as a strong answer to hordes, and it played that role to perfection. But when we see the lists that he actually played against, it was very few horde lists. Both against Scotland’s Tau and Romania Imperial Knights it was all the supporting elements that secured Martin some (a lot actually) points in otherwise horrible matchups.

The last highlight list is one that came into existence precisely because of our idea of broad lists. At first, we were looking at Cultists with Thousand Sons characters and Plaguebearers-galore like so many nations. But we felt that, while strong on the table, the Plaguebearer lists needed too much nursing in the matchup process and therefore we went with Machaels Chaos Daemons, Thousand Sons list.

In this list Michael truly has a treasure trove of possibilities. The summoning points alone allows him to effectively sideboard after seeing the opponent and the mission, but the synergy between the Thousand Sons characters and the Plaguebearers durability gave him the possibility to decide the games on his terms instead of just reacting and being on the defense.

The Match-up strategy

Our overall match-up strategy goes hand in hand with our list strategy. We try to define the current meta lists as accurately as possible and then we want at least a couple of counters for those lists. At the same time, we try to minimise the number of bad match-ups every single list has amongst the meta lists. All this data is inputted into a spreadsheet and then Thomas works his magic.

The importance of Thomas during the pairing process cannot be overstated. He sees pathways towards good match-ups that no-one else sees, especially not our opponents. In almost every round of this year’s ETC when we met up in the huddle after pairings, and before the games started, we had a winning round on paper, based on our assessments. A large part of the success in pairings hinges on two things: the players assessments of their match-ups and the broad lists we have on the team.

The first one is obvious. If the values Thomas is basing his pairings on are wrong, then we have no idea what will happen when the games start, and the pairing process losses a lot of its value. Because of that we whip the players for data throughout the year and always have a half hour of adjustments before every round at the ETC, with the mission and specific lists in mind. This is also why we lost to Spain – in that round we had one match-up labelled as very good for us, but after playing them with their specific list we can see now that it should in fact have had the opposite label! A very fair win for them, we lost because of our lack of knowledge.

The broad lists help the pairings as well in giving stability in the last 4 pairings. The broad lists also often help me out as a coach, because the players are actually in positions where they can either play defensively and get some points or they can make a big gamble and either get 15 or 0 points – a tactical tool we often employ.

Thomas’ matchmaking strategy and the broad list design is also evident in how we made our points. 7 of the 8 players on the team scored between 75 and 90 points! Truly a team effort! Instead of a couple of players bringing in the big points and some players struggling in bad match-ups, we had everyone playing in games where they have a chance from the start.

The ETC 2018

I won’t bore those of you who made it this far with details of our games, but a quick blow-by-blow of the action and how we expected each round to go after the draw:

Denmark 114 : 46 Germany

Result WIN (114) | Expected Result: DRAW (83)

Denmark 94 : 66 Romania

Result WIN (94) | Expected Result: WIN (106)

Denmark 104 : 56 Scotland

Result WIN (104) | Expected Result: WIN (96)

Denmark 84 : 76 Russia

Result DRAW (84) | Expected Result: WIN (103)

Denmark 72 : 88 Spain

Result LOSS (72) | Expected Result: WIN (95)

Denmark 113 : 47 Sweden

Result WIN (113) | Expected Result: DRAW (83)

Some highlights from the rounds include:

• This is the first time Denmark beats Germany, even though we have faced each other in many of the previous years
• It is also the first time we beat our national rivals from Sweden
• Last year we lost to Russia, but drew against Spain, this year it was flipped
• Apparently, our fathers sell Avon?
• If a Romanian offers you alcohol from a weird bottle you should drink it after the round!

That granted us a total of 9 points (8 for 4 wins, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss) and 581 battle points, enough to place us second overall. That is the best Danish result ever, and on top of that we were nominated for best painted and we won “Most Sporting”. Last year we finished 8th and won “Most Sporting” and we couldn’t believe it – winning it two years in a row is almost something we take more pride in than placing second and combining the two is just a mind-boggling experience. We want to give a big thank you to all the teams who voted for us – we had the hardest time voting ourselves because all our opponents gave us great rounds and great experiences!

The Future

The Danish team is already in sharp preparations for next year. Both with our qualifier coming up in November where the usual winners will try and win it or a new and obviously stronger generation will take over. Behind the scenes there are talks of ways to improve not only they players, the lists, and the team but also how to further expose our hobby and our national team to players in Denmark.

Besides that, a lot of us are going to Glasshammer Open and we hope to see you all there – both on the tables and out for a pint after day one 😀

– Lauge

Thanks for the great post Lauge, and we at Glasshammer are looking forwards to seeing the Danes this year at the Glasshammer Open. If you guys havn’t got a ticket yet, be sure to get one HERE before they run out!

Finally, for those interested in watching Michael from the Danish Team play against Scotland Mathew Edmunds, visit our Twitch Video of the game HERE.

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ETC Team Event – Round 3 Army Lists

+PLAYER 6: Matthew Edmonds
+COUNTRY: Scotland
+ARMY FACTION: Harlequins

== Battalion Detachment == Harlequin, Silent Shroud [31PL] [582pts] 5CPHQ: Troop Master (70) Harlequin’s Kiss (7) Fusion Pistol (9) – [4PL] [86pts]
HQ: Shadowseer (125) – [7PL] [125pts] – Psychic Powers: Twilight Pathway, Webway Dance

TR: Troupe (5×13=65) Harlequin’s Embrace (2×6=12) Harlequin’s Kiss (2×7=14) – [PL5] [91pts]
TR: Troupe (5×13=65) Harlequin’s Embrace (2×6=12) Harlequin’s Kiss (2×7=14) – [PL5] [91pts]
TR: Troupe (5×13=65) Harlequin’s Embrace (2×6=12) Harlequin’s Kiss (2×7=14) – [PL5] [91pts]
ELITE: Solitaire (84)

Harlequin’s Kiss (7) Harlequin’s Caress (7) – [PL5] [98pts]

== Battalion Detachment == Harlequins, Dreaming Shadow [69PL] [1418pts] 5CP

HQ: Troop Master (70) Harlequin’s Kiss (7) Fusion Pistol (9) – [4PL] [86pts]
HQ: Shadowseer (125) – [7PL] [125] – WARLORD <Player of Twilight> – Psychic Powers: Veil of Tears, Fog of Dreams

TR: Troupe (5×13=65) Fusion Pistol (5×9=45) – [5PL] [110pts]
TR: Troupe (5×13=65) Harlequin’s Embrace (3×6=18) Harlequin’s Caress (1×7=7) – [5PL] [90pts]
TR: Troupe (5×13=65) – [PL5] [65pts]

FA: Skyweavers (6×30=180) Haywire Cannons (6×15=90) Zephyr Galives (5×6=30) – [13PL] [300pts]
FA: Skyweavers (6×30=180) Haywire Cannons (6×15=90) Zephyr Galives (5×6=30) – [13PL] [300pts]
FA: Skyweavers (4×30=120) Haywire Cannons (4×15=60) Zephyr Galives (3×6=18) – [9PL] [198pts]

ELITE: Death Jester (45) Curtainfall (0) – [PL3] [45pts]

TRANSPORT: Starweaver (79) 2 Shuriken Cannons (2×10=20) – [5PL] [99pts]


+ PLAYER: Michael Bræmer Nielsen
+ ARMY FACTION: Thousand Sons
+ POWER POINTS: 97 pls
+ ARMY FACTIONS USED: Thousand Sons, Chaos Daemons

== Supreme Command Detachment == Thousand Sons +1 CP

HQ1: Winged Daemon Prince of Tzeentch (170), Two sets of Malefic Talons (10), Psychic Powers: Infernal Gateway,
Bolt of Change [9ppts][180pts] – WARLORD: High Magister, FREE RELIC: Helm of the Third Eye
HQ2: Winged Daemon Prince of Tzeentch (170), Hellforged Sword (10), Psychic Powers: Flickering Flames, Diabolic
Strength [9ppts][180pts]
HQ3: Winged Daemon Prince of Tzeentch (170), Daemonic Axe (10), Psychic Powers: Warptime, Prescience

Detachment Total [27pls][540pts]

== Supreme Command Detachment == Thousand Sons +1 CP
HQ4: Ahriman on Disc of Tzeentch (166), Psychic Powers: Death Hex, Doombolt, Tzeentch Firestorm [9ppts][166pts]
HQ5: Sorcerer (95), Force Stave (8 ), Inferno Bolt Pistol (1), Psychic Powers: Weaver of Fates, Temporal Manipulation
HQ6: Exalted Sorcerer on Disc of Tzeentch (132), Force Stave (8 ), Inferno Bolt Pistol (1), Psychic Powers: Glamour of
Tzeentch, Infernal Gaze [8ppts][141pts]

Detachment Total [23pls][411pts]

== Battalion Detachment == Chaos Daemons +5 CP
HQ7: Spoilpox Scrivener [4ppts][75pts]
HQ8: Sloppity Bilepiper [3ppts][60pts]
HQ9: Changecaster (78 ), Psychic Power: Gaze of Fate [4ppts][78pts]
TR1: 30 Plaguebearers (210), Daemonic Icon (15), Instrument of Chaos (10) [12ppts][235pts]
TR2: 30 Plaguebearers (210), Daemonic Icon (15), Instrument of Chaos (10) [12ppts][235pts]
TR3: 30 Pink Horrors, Daemonic Icon (15) [12ppts][225pts]

Detachment Total [47pls][908pts]

Army Total: [1859pts]


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ETC Team Event – Round 1 Army List

+PLAYER: Sean Nayden
+ ARMY FACTION: Harlequins
+ Factions Used: Harlequins, Drukhari

== Battalion Detachment == Drukhari [35 Power Level] [609 Points] [5 CP] <Kabal of the Black Heart>
HQ1: Archon (70), venom blade (2) [4 PL] [72pts]
HQ2: Archon (70), venom blade (2) [4 PL] [72pts]
TR 1: 5 Warriors (5×6=30) [pl2] [30]
TR 2: 5 Warriors (5×6=30) [pl2] [30]
TR 3: 5 Warriors (5×6=30) [pl2] [30]
HS 1: Ravager (80) 3 Disintegrator cannons(3×15=45) [7 PL] [125 pts]
HS 2: Ravager (80) 3 Disintegrator cannons(3×15=45) [7 PL] [125 pts]
HS 3: Ravager (80) 3 Disintegrator cannons(3×15=45) [7 PL] [125 pts]

== Battalion Detachment == Drukhari [26 Power Level] [485 Points] [5 CP] <Cult of the Cursed Blade>
HQ3: Succubus (50), splinter pistol(0) [4 PL] [50pts]
HQ4: Succubus (50), shardnet and impaler(5) [4 PL] [55pts]
TR4: 20 Wyches (20×8=160) 2 shardnets and impalers(2×5=10), [8PL] [170pts]
TR5: 20 Wyches (20×8=160) 2 shardnets and impalers(2×5=10) [8PL] [170pts]
TR6: 5 Wyches (5×8=40) [2PL] [40pts]

== Outrider Detachment == Harlequins [48 Power Level] [906 Points] [1 CP] <Masque of Dreaming Shadow>
HQ5: Troupe master (70) [4 PL] [70pts] Warlord (player of twilight)
FA1: 6 Skyweavers (6×30=180), 6 haywire cannon (6×15=90), 2 zephyrglaive(2×6=12) [13PL] [282pts]
FA2: 5 Skyweavers (5×30=150), 5 haywire cannon (5×15=75), [13PL] [225pts]
FA3: 5 Skyweavers (5×30=150), 5 haywire cannon (5×15=75), 1 zephyrglaive(1×6=6) [13PL] [231pts]
Elite 1: Solitaire(84) harlequins kiss(7) Harlequins carress(7) [5 PL] [98pts] (relic: starmist raiment)


+ Player 10 : Alex “Lex-A, son of Zizou” Dehan
+ ID Tourneykeeper : 1746
+ Faction : Chaos – <Heretic Astartes> <Chaos Daemons>
+ Total Army Points : 1998 pts
+ Total Command Points : 18
+ Total Army Power Level : 112
+ Reinforcement Points : n/a
== Battalion Detachment / 5CP <Nurgle Deamon> ==

HQ1 : Spoilpox Scrivener – [75pts][4PL][Relic : Corruption]
HQ2 : Poxbringer – [70pts][4PL] [Psy: Miasma of Pestilence, Smite]
Troop1 : 29 Plague Bearers (29×7), Instruments of Chaos (10), Daemonic Icon (15) – [228pts][12PL]
Troop2 : 29 Plague Bearers (29×7), Instruments of Chaos (10), Daemonic Icon (15) – [228pts][12PL]
Troop3 : 28 Plague Bearers (28×7), Instruments of Chaos (10), Daemonic Icon (15) – [221pts][12PL]

== Battalion Detachment / 5CP <Chaos Deamon> ==
HQ3 : Sloppity Bilepiper – [60pts][3PL] <Nurgle Deamon>
HQ4 : Bloodmaster – [56pts][3PL][Warlord: Rage Incarnate] <Khorne Deamon>
Troop7 : 30 Bloodletters (30×7), Instrument of Chaos (10), Daemonic Icon (15) – [235pts][12PL] <Khorne Deamon>
Troop8 : 25 Plague Bearers (25×7), Instruments of Chaos (10), Daemonic Icon (15) – [200pts][12PL] <Nurgle
Troop9 : 10 brimstones – [30pts][4PL] <Tzeench Deamon>

== Battalion Detachment / 5CP <Heretic Astartes> ==
HQ5 : Khârn The Betrayer [160pts][8PL] <Khorne><World Eater>
HQ6 : Chaos Sorcerer with Jump Pack (112), force stave (8.) [120pts][7PL][Psy: Death Hex, Prescience] <Slaanesh>
<Iron Warriors>
Troop10 : 10 chaos cultists -&nbsp;[40pts][3PL] <Slaanesh> <Alpha Legion>
Troop11 : 10 chaos cultists -&nbsp;[40pts][3PL] <Slaanesh> <Alpha Legion>
Troop12 : 10 chaos cultists -&nbsp;[40pts][3PL] <Slaanesh> <Alpha Legion>
HS1: Obliterators -&nbsp;[195pts][10PL] <Slaanesh> <Night Lord>

total 1998pts


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40k Tournament winning list breakdown


So the D6Evolutions “Evolution of War”  one day 40k tournament is over.  It ended in a final battle between the Glasshammer boys: Mani Cheema’s Imperium super soup ended up beating Alex Harrison’s Tau.

I caught up with Mani to talk about his list and some of the tricks he was using.

  • We talked about CP regeneration with Guard /Blood Angels
  • How much he loves Slam Captains and Mephiston
  • How to make Shield Captains even nastier with Victor of the Blood Games.
  • Why Guard compliments Blood Angels and Custodes so well

Here is his list:

FACTION: Imperium
Brigade Detachment Astra Militarum (Catachan)  [1002 Points]
HQ1: Colonel Straken [75]
HQ2: Company Commander (30) Powerfist (8)
WARLORD (Grand Strategist)
 HQ3: Company Commander (30) Powerfist (8) [38]
Relic: Kurovs Aquila
Elite1: Ministorum Priest [35]
Elite2: Platoon Commander (20) Powerfist (8) [28]
Elite3: Platoon Commander [20]
Elite4: Ogryn Bodyguard (55) Bullgryn Maul (7) Slabshield (0) [62]
Troop1: 9 Guardsmen (36) 1 Sergeant (4) [40]
Troop2: 9 Guardsmen (36) 1 Sergeant (4) [40]
Troop3: 9 Guardsmen (36) 1 Sergeant (4) [40]
Troop4: 9 Guardsmen (36) 1 Sergeant (4) [40]
Troop5: 9 Guardsmen (36) 1 Sergeant (4) [40]
Troop6: 9 Guardsmen (36) 1 Sergeant (4) [40]
Troop7: 9 Guardsmen (36) 1 Sergeant (4) [40]
Troop8: 9 Guardsmen (36) 1 Sergeant (4) [40]
Troop9: 9 Guardsmen (36) 1 Sergeant (4) [40]
FA1: Hellhound (73) Inferno Cannon (20) Heavy Bolter (8) [101]
FA2: Hellhound (73) Inferno Cannon (20) Heavy Bolter (8) [101]
FA3: Scout Sentinel (35) Multilaser (10) [45]
HS1: 3 Heavy Weapon Teams (18) 3 Mortars (15) [33]
HS2: 3 Heavy Weapon Teams (18) 3 Mortars (15) [33]
HS3: 3 Heavy Weapon Teams (18) 3 Mortars (15) [33]
 Suprem Command Detachment == Adeptus Custodes
 [480 Points]
 HQ1: Shield Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike (150) Hurricane Bolter (10) [160]
HQ2: Shield Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike (150) Hurricane Bolter (10) [160]
HQ3: Shield Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike (150) Hurricane Bolter (10) [160]
Supreme Command Detachment == Blood Angels
[517 Points]
1 CP HQ1: Captain with Jump Pack (93) Thunder Hammer (21) Storm Shield (15) [129]
HQ2: Captain with Jump Pack (93) Thunder Hammer (21) Storm Shield (15) [129]
HQ3: Captain with Jump Pack (93) Thunder Hammer (21) Bolt Pistol (0) [114]
HQ14: Chief Librarian Mephiston [145] Powers: Quickening, Wings of Sanguinius [8PL]
Mani is from Glasshammer gaming and also plays for team England. He is running the Glasshammer Open 40k tournament on 20th October in Telford. Check out the link below, the D6 team will be there competing:…
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ETC 2018 40K Army Lists

Today is the day all lists have been released to the captains of this year’s ETC at Croatia.

To see them, check them out here:

The teams to watch out for in my opinion will be (in no particular order):









Personally I feel that, by lists alone; Poland England and Wales have the strongest lists but there might be those of you that think otherwise. If so, leave a comment and let’s discuss!

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List Analysis – Neil Powell’s LGT Orks Army

Welcome to the next series of List analysis, covering some of the top players entering this years LGT.  Today we have a guest article provided by ETC Team Scotlands very own Neil “The Power” Powell. Take it away Neil:

LGT fast approaches and like many of the registered gamers, I’m still scrambling to put my army together and get it street legal in time for kick off.

So, what am I taking you may ask?

Those of you that have crossed paths with me at events before may have noticed a common theme in my list building. I like deathstars. Big ol’ nasty blobs that push forward and force my opponent to deal with them, whilst my other units dance around and do the clever bits.

Most notably I’ve used deathstars like the Wolfkin star in 7th. Then when 8th ruined 40k I switched to Conscript blobs and then created the zombie star (#originalauthor #sorrynotsorry).

With that in mind, my immediate thoughts went to whether I could re-jigg a version of the zombie star post FAQ, using mass plaguebearers. Or, go a slightly different way and put my stock in lots of cultists or conscripts, as the FAQ has served to remove some of the things that those units didn’t like (Buttloads of Dark Talons for instance). So, to scratch that itch, I’ve decided to test Zombiestar v2 out for the LGT invitational that proceeds the main LGT event. But we all know how the zombies list works, so I’ll save you a page full of waffle.

On to the LGT proper ….. and I seem to have been drinking some of grandpa’s old cough medicine again, which means I’ve ended up a little off-piste.

For the first time in my life, I’ll be fielding those green Ork men. Well, more aptly, I’ll be fielding a lot of Ork gunz. Big gunz, Mek Gunz, Scorcha gunz and other more useless gunz. And a couple of buckets full of little snotlings. #snotlingmeta

Here’s what the list looks like:

Player Name: Neil ‘The Power’ Powell
Army Faction: Orks
Total Command Points: 6
Total Army Points: 2000

Spearhead Detachment: Clan – We Iz Da Power

HQ1: Tarquin the Big Mek (55), Kustom Force Field (20), Kombi Skorcha (19) – [94pts]
WARLORD – Inspiring Presence
HS1: 6 Big Gunz (48), 6 Kannons (90), 6×2 Grot Gunners (24) – [162pts]
HS2: 6 Big Gunz (48), 6 Kannons (90), 6×2 Grot Gunners (24) – [162pts]
HS3: 6 Big Gunz (48), 6 Kannons (90), 6×2 Grot Gunners (24) – [162pts]
HS4: 6 Mek Gunz (90), 6 Kustom Mega Kannons (102), 6×5 Grot Gunners (60) – [252pts]
HS5: 6 Mek Gunz (90), 6 Kustom Mega Kannons (102), 6×5 Grot Gunners (60) – [252pts]
HS6: 6 Mek Gunz (90), 6 Kustom Mega Kannons (102), 6×5 Grot Gunners (60) – [252pts]

Supreme Command Detachment: Clan – We Iz Da Power

HQ2: Cuthbert the Weirdboy (62), Weirdboy Staff (0) – [62pts]
Psychic Power: Da Jump
HQ3: Winston the Weirdboy (62), Weirdboy Staff (0) – [62pts]
Psychic Power: Da Jump
HQ4: Reginald the Weirdboy (62), Weirdboy Staff (0) – [62pts]
Psychic Power: Da Jump
Elites1: Alfred the Painboy (40), Power Klaw (13), Urty Syringe (0), Grot Orderly (4) – [57pts]

Vanguard Detachment: Clan – We Iz Da Power

HQ5: Hugo the Big Mek (55), Kustom Force Field (20) – [75pts]
Elites2: 5 Kommandos (45), 2 Burnas (0) -[45pts]
Elites3: 5 Kommandos (45), 2 Burnas (0) -[45pts]
Elites4: 5 Kommandos (45), 2 Burnas (0) -[45pts]
Elites5: Sebastian the Mek (22), Kombi Skorcha (19) – [41pts]
Elites6: Montgomery the Mek (22), Kombi Skorcha (19) – [41pts]
Elites7: Rupert the Mek (22), Kombi Skorcha (19) – [41pts]
FA1: 5 Stormboys (40) – [40pts]
FA2: 6 Stormboys (48) – [48pts]

Now, I’ll field the most obvious question first. Why??

Why, is because I want to try something new, and something that could work in a Team environment, as my primary interest in 40k is Team play and representing Team Scotland at events like the ETC. We already know which lists work, so let’s see which ones don’t. No wait, I mean, which else might.

I actually think this list fares well in the ETC format, especially when pairings can be managed, and the missions are designed differently to the LGT pack. The most notable differences are a cap on KP’s and non fixed objectives, so whilst I will generally lose KP’s by the maximum 6 point difference, I will negate that with board control and clever objective placement, meaning that I should almost always dominate maelstrom and end game objective control.

However…. LGT is using different missions, and I fear that the list does not respond to them quite so well.

What does the list actually do then?

Well, it has good ranged firepower, and is surprisingly durable thanks to my Meks of various sizes and the 6 wounds the gunz have with a 4+ or 5++ save.
As for firepower, each KMK does D6 shots, S8 AP-3 D3 damage at 36 inches, and each Kannon does either 1 shot, s8 AP-2 D6 damage, or D6 shots, S4 AP- 1 damage, also at 36 inches. Not bad when you have the weight of dice.

The 3 Weirdboyz provide a solid psychic defence, and have their own powerful smite threat with an almost guaranteed 3d6 mortal wounds coming from them. Plus they can Da Jump stuff about the board which is a handy trick to have in the back pocket. Apparently.
The Painboy and his grot friend should keep the Wierdboyz juiced up for a few turns too.
I also have a few units of Kommandos that I’ll use to annoy people, and some stormboyz that have their own special role to play.

If you’re still scratching your head and wondering how this list isn’t utterly guff, fear not, as I often find myself trying to recall why I’ve taken it. And if you’re wondering whether this is the enforced debt for a bet I lost, I wish I could say yes. Sadly though, this is entirely self-inflicted.

Without giving away too many of the secrets (if I say secrets, people will believe I actually have a plan), it’s fair to say that in reality, the list operates in a similar fashion to any of the lists I’ve played before. It’s a big ol’ deathstar that moves together as one and aims to control the board with range and footprint. I mean, what’s the point in having all those gunz if you plan on actually shooting them? Spending most of my turns moving and advancing instead seems like an Orky thing to do though, so that’s reason enough for me.

How will it fare?

The short answer is ‘probably not well.’ There’s a lot of stuff out there that can make the uncapped KP missions very tough for me. Not counting that one of the missions is Big Gunz never tire. Whoever I play in that round should just take the afternoon off, and we can have a couple of beers instead. Unless it’s Mani Cheema. Him, I’ll make work for it. ?

So, in short, expectations from the weekend are modest, but I expect I’ll have some fun games against new people. Can’t ask for much more than that.

-Neil Powell

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