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The ELITE has several levels of membership that can offer something to everyone.

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What Our Members Say


"The Glasshammer ELITE is a goldmine of tournament news and list ideas. The guys have a great attitude and make every video fun and enjoyable to watch."


""I signed up for the 30% discount but I'm hooked on the Crusade games. The crazy things that happen in those games are hilarious.""


""I love Glasshammer! We met at a tournament and they are super friendly and supportive. I signed up just to support them. Keep up the great work.""

Here are some examples of the weekly content we create for our ELITE members.

Let's Talk Tactics

Every week starts with Let's Talk Tactics. Mani & the team interviews either a recent tournament winner or breaks down the strengths & weaknesses of a specific faction with someone who has been dominating the top tables with them. Members watching live can ask questions and advice during the video so everyone watching is prepared in future games.

The Crusade

Crusade is an amazing way to play 40k. Every week our armies grow and gain experience while fighting through the missions in a GW campaign book. The highs and lows of this format are so addictive it has quickly become one of our favourite features.

All of our content (both ELITE & freeview) can be found in the content section of the Glasshammer Gaming website.

Head Coach Mani "Chocolate" Cheema is world renowned for his Batman onesie, jammy dice and has won more events than he's had hot dinners. He is a member of ETC/WTC Team England and was the European ITC champion last season.

All the Benefits

Further Discounts on Glasshammer Services

On top of the huge product discount you’ll also receive a 10% discount on our acclaimed List Writing & Coaching Services & a 10% discount on all Glasshammer Event Tickets.

Up to Date Tournament Results, Tactics Videos & Live Streams

ELITE members get access to weekly crusade games and Mani’s Let’s Talk Tactics series.

Here’s the full list of benefits you’ll receive when you sign up as a ‘Crusader’:

-Up to 30% discount on all your favourite games
-Weekly Crusade Games
-Entry to the Glasshammer Elite Forum & Facebook Page
-Live & Interactive Access to Mani’s Let’s Talk Tactics
-10% off List Writing Services
-Up to Date Tournament News & Tactics Videos
-10% off Glasshammer Event Tickets

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