Dan “Dangerine” Bates - Founder and Head of Operations

Dan has an epic beard and a drinking problem. He's been playing 40k since 2014, is a member of the England ETC Team and is the current Games Workshop 40k GT Champion.

40k Faction - Craftworlds
AOS Faction - Squigs
MTG Colour - Black
Pokemon - Jolteon
Marvel Charcter - Deadpool

Mani “Chocolate” Cheema - Founder and Head of Content

Head Coach Mani "Chocolate" Cheema is world renowned for his Batman onesie, jammy dice and has won more events than he's had hot dinners. He is a member of ETC/WTC Team England and was the European ITC champion last season.

40k Faction - Orks
AOS Faction - Idoneth Deepkin
MTG Colour - Black
Pokemon - Blastoise
Marvel Charcter - Thor

Dawid “Sausage” Szmyt - Content Manager

Dawid is our content editor, Youtube expert and IT guru. At 6ft 9" he is also incredibly useful for getting items on the top shelf. He has been playing competitive 40k for 5 years but has been a hardcore gamer since he was a freakishly large child.

40k Faction - Imperial Knights
AOS Faction - Legions of Nagash
MTG Colour - Blue
Pokemon - Charmander
Marvel Charcter - Iron Man

Simon “That's Game” Gotliffe - Shop Manager

Simon is The Glasshouse Store Manager and all round nice guy. Whether its assembling, painting, collecting or playing he's got the knowhow to make sure your getting the most out of your hobby. Notorious for being able to roll fist-fulls of bad dice he can often be heard muttering his catchphrase "that's game".

40k Faction - Grey Knights
AOS Faction - Kharadron Overlords
MTG Colour - White
Pokemon - Eevee
Marvel Charcter - Deadpool