List Writing Services

Welcome to Glasshammer Gamings list building service, where we design a competitive, meta breaking army list built around your specifications and design.  This is an exclusive and discreet service (so no one knows that your list  was built by someone else!!). We have two exceptionaly talented gamers providing this top quality service:

Alex Harrison – A seasoned veteran gamer spanning hundreds of tournament games and numerous prestigious 1stplaced wins including 2016 LVO, Caledonian Uprising (twice), Caledonian Revolution, Element Grand Slam, War of the Roses and many more. Alex has designed and played lists which even the great Nick Brown shivers in fear to play against. 

Mani Cheema – Fairly new to the scene with only a few years under his belt, but has still established himself as a strong player, winning numerous UK events such as Battlefield Birmingham, Belgium team Championship, Allies Of Convenience, Caledonian Revolution and many more. Mani is infamous for redesigning an already strong army and making it even more powerful!

Both of these players compete to an exceptionaly high standard, competing in the European Team Championship representing Team England, a team which has placed in the Top 5 (including a 1st and 3rd place finish) in the past 5 years. Now you know their background, let’s move onto what they can provide:

We will be providing 3 different services:

Basic List Builder (£5.00)

This will be done through emailing us. Simply send us an email requesting a list of your choice and we will reply with a list explaining the basic ways on how it plays and why we went about choosing it for you.  If there is a specific build you’d like the list built around i.e. a Blood Angels army centralised around 3 Predators, we can do this. If you’d prefer a list from scratch, we will build a list we believe can compete in the current meta.

1 to 1 List design (£25.00)

This will be a 30 minute skype call between Alex or Mani and yourself where we explain the choices behind a certain build and can give tips and tricks on making the list work.  It is easy to build a list, but knowing how it works and what to do against certain armies is vital.  If you require more than 30 minutes we can give you a discounted rate, so enquire within.

Design and play (£100.00)

Our most premium service; We will not only design the list, but we will do a live stream using your army (these may be proxied as we may not have all the models required) and show you the capabilities of the army. We will explain what we are doing with the army, what its strengths and weakneses are, how to deploy, how to counter certain armies and the ideas behind certain psychic power, warlord trait and/or relic choices. We will stream the game then send you the video so you can watch it over and over again. The price indicates the time it takes to do this as it takes many hours of our time.

How do I go about requesting this services?

Simple, just email us at

We look forwards to working with you soon