Welcome to Glasshammer Gaming’s list building service where we design competitive, meta breaking army lists built around your specifications and current collection. We are in the unique position of being Team England players, Tournament Organisers and full time gamers. This gives us the contacts and in-depth knowledge of every army to create lists to the highest level.

We have two exceptionally talented gamers providing this top quality service:

Mani Cheema

A seasoned, veteran ETC gamer spanning hundreds of tournament games and numerous prestigious 1st place wins including Caledonian Uprising (twice), Caledonian Revolution, Battlefield Birmingham, War of the Roses and many more. Mani has designed and played lists which even the great Nick Brown shivers in fear to play against.

Dan Bates

Has established himself as a strong player. He is the current Warhammer World GT Champion & has podiumed at numerous UK events such as Battlefield Birmingham, Allies Of Convenience, Caledonian Revolution and many more. Dan is known for redesigning an already strong army and making it even more powerful!

Both of these players compete to an exceptionally high standard, competing in the European Team Championship representing Team England, a team which has placed in the Top 5 (including a 1stย and 3rd place finish) in the past 5 years.

Now you know our background, letโ€™s move onto what we can provide.

1-2-1 List Builder

Competitive, meta breaking army lists
£ 49
  • Built around your specifications and current collection
  • 30 minute Skype call & written list
  • Fast 7-day turnaround