How long until I get my all conquering list?

We aim to turn lists and calls around within a week of purchase.

Can you build a list around my tight budget?

Not a problem at all. We always want to provide the most competitive up-to-date lists we can but modelling times and cost is a huge factor in army building. The list request form asks for a list of your current collection and what budget you want to work to.

Do you cater for any other games other than Warhammer 40k?

We have a team of top Age of Sigmar players that can fulfill any list request or coaching call. Otherwise we are unable to offer coaching for any other game system.

I’m not that into competitive play. Can you build a list around the lore?

Yes please! Whatever the keyboard warriors say we competitive players love the Warhammer universe, not just the meta play. Let us into your gaming fantasy and we will guide you to success with however many Sternguard Veterans or Hormagaunts you require.