Glasshammer GT – Birmingham

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The Glasshammer GT – Birmingham is the beginning of an exciting journey to have a more European friendly Super Major circuit in the UK.

This is scheduled to become the first ever event of this size to use the WTC Scoring System in England. With the rising number of tournament attendees in the UK, be sure to grab your tickets early on to avoid disappointment. Especially with this scoring system being so popular with European players.

Join in the action by buying a ticket, and become a part of history by competing in Glasshammers first ever Super Major event, right in the heart of England!!

29th – 30th June

300 Players!


FREE GIFTS! The first 100 tickets sold will receive a coupon code 30 days after purchase to redeem 1 of  these gifts:

– Neoprene Objective Set
– Beanie Hat
– Wound Dials
– Dice Tray
– Set of 10 Dice

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