Kill Team Approved Ops – Tac Ops & Mission Card Pack

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The included leaflet provides a range of ways to generate each aspect of your game, from random draws to bidding on missions, then keep the action flowing with handy game reference tools. You’ll be lurking, shooting, smashing and grabbing before you know it.

This 57-card deck includes:

– 27x Tac Ops cards
– 2x Close Quarters Tac Ops cards
– 3x Mission cards
– 9x Map cards
– 1x Map Key card
– 10x Close Quarters Map cards
– 1x Close Quarters Map Key card
– 1x Game Sequence prompt card
– 3x Scouting Step reference cards

– 1x foldout Game Sequence reference leaflet

You’ll need a copy of the Kill Team: Core Book, which is available separately, to use the contents of this set.

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