Old World Modular Movement Trays

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Your games of Warhammer: The Old World require the use of coherent regimented units, and these Modular Movement Trays enable you to move your units across the battlefield quickly and easily without the need to move one miniature at a time.

This kit allows you to assemble movement trays of different sizes for use with any unit in Warhammer: The Old World, be they monstrous infantry, cavalry, or regular infantry.

This set includes the follwoing plastic components:

2x 200mm x 200mm floor sections
32x corner pieces
48x straight pieces

The set also includes a construction manual to aid with assembly.

Guidance for unit bases sizes can be found in Warhammer: The Old World – Ravening Hordes and Warhammer: The Old World – Forces of Fantasy, both available separately.

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