Pokemon TCG Hidden Potential Tins – Gallade V, Giratina V, Rotom V

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Uncover the Powers Within! Once-lost secrets become newfound strengths with the powerful Pokémon V in the Hidden Potential Tin! Choose the ghostly trickster Rotom V, the unflinchingly loyal Gallade V, or the fear inspiring Giratina V as a playable foil promo card, and find even more Pokémon and Trainer cards in a handful of booster packs filled with surprises.

•Pick Electric/Ghost-type Rotom V, the Psychic-type Gallade V, or the Dragon-type Giratina V.
•Each of these colourful tins includes a handful of Pokémon TCG treasures.
•Take the next step up in your game with the Hidden Potential Tin.

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Rotom, Gallade, Giratina

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