Glasshammer Tournament terrain exists to promote fun, fair games of Warhammer 40k. Our terrain layouts mean players will need a balanced list to compete for objectives as well as apply pressure down firing arcs.

Different Layouts Designed for Every Mission

Every mission in the Grand Tournament books released by Games Workshop has its own layout. Each layout is designed, play tested and published within 2 weeks of new releases so players can practice and TO's can inform entrants as soon as possible.

Consistent Clear Measurments

As our terrain is designed and manufactured in house we've put that design software to good use. All distances are displayed clearly and pick up on easy to measure parts of the terrain.

Simple, Strong Construction

Every piece of terrain has been designed to slot into and support each other. Combined with the durable PVC material the product ends up being much more hard wearing than its MDF equivalents.

Fun to build

We've built hundreds of these terrain pieces for our own tournaments and look how much fun Dawid is having...

Build instructions and our recommendations for fixing & painting